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Christmas Songs

Do you start listening to Christmas music around the end of October or do you wait until closer to Christmas to enjoy the seasonal music? This week, Randy Seaver challenged us to name our favorite Christmas song in his weekly, Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post. I’m not going to follow the rules. Instead of just talking about one favorite, I’m going to discuss several songs.

My all time favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. I think one of the reasons this is my favorite is that I loved to play it on the piano. Many different artists have excellent renditions of this song. However, my favorite rendition was one that I was privileged to witness on Christmas Eve five years ago at The Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. My husband and I were ushering that evening. Thus, it wasn’t until towards the end of the song, that I could just stand there and soak in the beauty of the song. It wasn’t until later that evening that I learned the story of the singer, Cary Mock. The memory of him singing that evening is one of my favorite Christmas song memories.

During the Christmas season, my mom would pull out the music books and sit down and play various carols on the piano. My mom had a musical talent that I did not inherit. She could take a piece of music and play chords along with the melody line. It was a joy to listen to her play those carols.

I also remember that my parents had a favorite album of Christmas music, an album of organ music. Even though I haven’t added any organ music to my iTunes library, I have a wonderful Facebook friend that blessed us this year with a short concert of organ music.

Over the past few years, I’ve added to my list of favorites. Five years ago, that ‘new’ favorite was ‘A Hallelujah Christmas’ by Cloverton.

This year, I have two new favorites. Both songs are from 2019 and were written by members of the COR Worship Collective — the musicians at The Church of the Resurrection. I think these songs resonate with me this year because it is 2020 and we are in a pandemic. I am very thankful that this group of musicians have brought me joy each week as they have led worship online for the church.

To me, the first song, Some Kind of Christmas, has a fun beat while it tells the Christmas story.

The second song, Come Lord Jesus, Come, has become my prayer for dealing with 2020.

This year, I am thankful for all of the musicians that are bringing us joy thru their music.

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  1. These are all new Christmas songs to me. I enjoyed each one. What would we do without YouTube?? Merry Christmas!

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