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Dec [2]4 1919

Mrs. E.O. Briles
St. Joseph Hospital
Linwood & Prospect
Kans City MO

Dear Pauline: rec’d
your card and so glad
to know you are getting
along allright “Mary Ida”
is all right now has
2 teeth now so that she
can bite good and hard
Fannie made $26 at the
pie supper. No we didn’t go
Frank saw Walter Monday
went down to your folks after [c?]
He was just fine Wishing you
Merry Xmas. Love Myra

I received the above post card with some of my grandmother’s things. I don’t remember ever discussing this with her – and wished I had. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to my question, ‘Why was she in the hospital in Kansas City when they lived in Woodson county?’ All I have is speculation.

When I first realized that grandma was hospitalized in 1919, I wondered if she was suffering depression after the death of her almost 9 month old son, Kenneth, in June of that year.

However, my perspective has widened to wonder if grandma was in the hospital with influenza. According to the ‘Influenza Encyclopedia’ entry for Kansas City, it appears that the majority of influenza cases were during the winter of 1918 to spring of 1919 and not during December 1919.

In trying to figure out the ‘why’ behind my grandmother’s stay in the hospital, I looked for more information on St. Joseph Hospital. The building where she was a patient has been replaced by the Linwood Shopping Center. Thankfully, the web site KC Rag contains a timeline for the property at Linwood and Prospect on their forum, “All about the Linwood Shopping Center.”

Reading the history of the St. Joseph Hospital just reinforces the idea that my grandmother was seriously ill at the time. I just wish I had been able to ask her about her experience at St. Josephs.

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  1. All those questions we never got to ask! Sigh. Doesn’t sound like a pleasant place to spend Christmas, but at least the message indicates she is doing well.

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