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Complicated Service

For the past several days I’ve been working on the narrative report for my ancestor, Richmond Fisk Hammond. What should have been a relatively simple clean-up of sentences and sources has become more complicated.

Two blocks of text are proving particularly difficult. One of the blocks is about Richmond’s filing of land papers in Ford County, Kansas while the other block concerns his military record.

After reviewing the paragraph about the land holdings, I have concluded that I don’t have adequate documentation to support what I have recorded as a fact. I have reference to a deed but I do not have the actual copy of the deed. The footnote not only references the purchase of the land but also the filing of homestead papers. Thus, I at least need a copy of the deed and probably the actual homestead land file. So today’s mail contains requests for both.

The text about his military service is a different story. I have a copy of his pension file and his military service file and it is confusing. Below is a screenshot of what I currently have in RootsMagic regarding his service:

Since that is a lot of different units, I probably have a mistake in there someplace. Without re-checking his file, the only fact I’m certain of is that he was a prisoner of war at Andersonville.

In a 1921 ‘Declaration for Pension,’ Richmond provides the following

EnlistedGalesburg, IL26 May 1861PrivateCo E17 Ills Infty Volz
Discharged[?]nton, Mo21 Aug 1861
enlisted1 Mar 18621st Illinois Cavly Vols
dischargedSt. Louis, Mo14 Jul 1862
enlisted29 Sep 1862Co D14 Ills Calvary
dischargedSpringfield, Ill16 Jun 1865

The above information is consistent with an affidavit dated 29 May 1912. Unfortunately, what I have from his military file doesn’t confirm the 1st Illinois Calvary service and includes documents for service in Company H Regiment 102 of the Illinois Infantry.

An 1896 pension document confirms the August 1861 discharge date.

Roll May 25th to Aug 31 / 61 “Discharged at Ir[ino]ton Aug 20, 1861”
It has this day (Aug 11, 1896) been determined by this Department from the records and evidence furnished by the auditor for the War Department that this man was discharged the service Aug. 20, 1861, for disability nature not stated.
There is no certificate of disability in his case file

I also have military records indicating that Richmond Hammond was on the muster roll for Company D of the 14 Regiment of the Illinois Calvary. Richmond Hammond was shown as ‘present’ during 1863 and January/February of 1864. However, he is recorded as ‘missing in action on August 3, 1864. Richmond Hammond is mustered out on May 30, 1865.

The additional pages of a military record are for a Richmond F Hammond who was a private in Company H 102 Regiment Illinois Infantry. According to these papers

Richmond F Hammond enlisted as a private in Capt. Shinn’s Co., 102 Reg’t Ill. Inf
age 22 years
Appears on Company Muster-in Roll
of the organization named above. Roll Dated
Knoxville, Ill, Sept 2 1826

Richmond F Hammond Pvt, Co H 102 Reg’t Illinois Infantry
Appears on Company Muster Roll
for Nov 1, 62 to Fe 28 1836
Remarks: Deserted at Knoxville, Ill. Sept 17, 1862

Richmond F Hammond Pvt, Co H, 102 Reg’t Illinois Infantry
Appears on Co. Muster-out Roll, dated
Nr. Washington D.C., June 6, 1865
Last paid to One mos ad. pay
Remarks: Deserted Sept. 17, 1862, Knoxville, Ill. Last heard from in 14″ Ill Vol Cavalry

Adding this stint of service (non-service), his timeline is as follows:

enlistedGalesburg, IL26 May 1861PrivateCo. E17 Ills Infty Volz
discharged[?]nton, Mo21 Aug 1861
enlisted1 Mary 18621st Illinois Cavly Vols
dischargedSt. Louis, Mo14 Jul 1862
enlistedKnoxville, IL2 Sep 1862PrivateCapt. Shinn’s Co.102 Reg’t Ill Inf
deserted17 Sep 1862
enlisted29 Sep 1862PrivateCo D14 Ills Cavalry
missingAthens, GA3 Aug 1864
dischargedSpringfield, IL16 Jun 1865Serg’tCo D14 Ills Cavalry

Thus, it looks like I need to locate documentation for Richmond’s service in the 1st Illinois Cavalry. Based on the fact that I don’t have military records to document this service, I’m guessing that I did not receive a copy of his entire military file. Before trying to re-order his military and pension files, I’m going to try and locate documentation for this missing service record using other sources. Wish me luck!