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Throwback Thursday

Hey, extended family, THANK YOU for helping! I have some photos that need names attached and a couple of cousins came thru with names

Is this first photo of Hugh and Gladys Crawford? Yes – this is my great uncle Hugh Crawford and his wife, Gladys. If so, who is the young couple? The young couple is their daughter, her husband and child.

Here’s another photo that I think is of Hugh and Gladys — it even says so on the back. However, none of the younger adults or children are identified. Thanks to a cousin, I now have the names of each individual in this picture! These are the children and grandchildren of Hugh and Gladys Crawford.

I think the shirtless man in the next photo is my father. However, I don’t know who the other man is or where this picture was taken.

For this last set of photos, I have absolutely no idea who the people are or whose house is in the background.

Well, the first cousin who was so helpful with the above pictures did not know who these individuals are. Thinking these might not be from my dad’s side (Crawford) of the family, I decided to contact a daughter of a cousin on my mom’s side. And she came thru! These are cousins on my mom’s side of the family.

So cousins, can you help?

THANK YOU for your help!