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Another Andersonville

In a recent post, I wrote about how I had to use affidavits from Richmond Fisk Hammond’s pension record to piece together his imprisonment in Andersonville. A reader of that post commented in wonder that any records of imprisonment were kept.

Unfortunately, I have a second ancestor who was also in Andersonville. Various aspects of Washington Marion Crawford’s military and pension file speak to his being captured and imprisoned.

In the two frames of his muster roll shown on the right, the May and June 1864 report indicates that Washington M Crawford was reported absent. The remarks say that he was “Missing in action since Sept. 22, 1863”. The Co. Muster-Out Roll, dated Sept. 10, 1864 indicates he was a “Prisoner of War since Sept. 22, 1863.”

His file also contains the record, “Memorandum from Prisoner of War Records,” which identifies Andersonville as a place of imprisonment.

This document indicates that “Crawford, W. M., Crawford Marion Washington, Crawford, Washington’ was ‘Captured at Liberty Mills, Va, Sept 22, 1863, confined at Richmond Va., Sept 23, 1863. Sent to Andersonville, or Americus, Ga. Feb 1864.” The form goes on to indicate that Washington Crawford was “Paroled at Charleston S.C. Dec 10, 1864; reported at C.G.B., Md., Dec 17”, 1864. Admitted to Hosp’l Div No 1, C.P. Dec 17 /64. Furloughed Dec 30 /64 for [Clo Mch] /65, (Paid Sept & Oct 64) see Pens Case 7-18-77 (over)

continued on back

30 day. Ret’d from furlo’ March 4 / 65 Sent to P P Md Mch 6-65 Rept’d at Cmp Parole Mich 6/65 and sent to place of enrollment April 8 / 65. No Med Cert on file & No further record [Bome] on rolls as Washington M. Crawford, Co “H” 2″ N.Y. Cav – Enrolled as Washington Crawford Co. & right above, no other man in that Co. to whom report could refer Jan 10 / 85 WHC. Pen case Afft 413191 ECC 2-19-87 Ret’d Mar 4/87 Pen Case No 316461 ret’d January 16/85 Pen case 170.744 to [Gramlick] Jany 9/86

A ‘Declaration for Invalid Army Pension’ dated 12 April 1869 provides a time line.

Declaration for Invalid Army Pension

State of Indiana

County of Warren

On this 12 day of April, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine, personally appeared before me, William C. Smith, Clerk of the Circuit Court and within and for the County and Sate aforesaid, Washington M. Crawford aged 32 years, a resident of Washington Tp, in the County to law, declares he is the identical Washington M Crawford, who enlisted in the service of the United States at Chambersburgh, County of Fountain, Sate of Indiana on the third day of August, in the year of 1861, as a Private in Company “H” commanded by Captain Samuel Mc[Owen] in the 2 Regiment of New York Cavalry Vols, in the War of 1861, and was honorably discharged ont he eighth day of April, in the year 1865 that while in the service aforesaid, and in the line of his duty, at a place called Andersonville Prison Ga, in the State of Georgia on the _____ day of fall, 1863, to wit

He was captured a prisoner on the 22 day of Sept 1863, near Liberty Mills, Va, and was taken by Reble Authorities to Libby Prison, thence to Belle Island Prison. thence to Andersonville Geo thence Charleston S. C. thence Florence S.C. thence to Charleston and released there on the 10 day of Dec 1864. That while in prison at Andersonville he induced the disease Bronchittis from which he is still suffering and asks of the Government a pension.

Since leaving the service he has resided Washington Tp. in the County of Warren, in the state of Indiana and his occupation has been farmer

when enrolled he was a farmer. And for the purpose of prosecuting his claim, he hereby appoints Samuel F Messner of Williamsport State of Indiana, his attorney in fact, with power of substitution and with authority to receive his pension certificate. He requests that his pension be paid Indianapolis State of Indiana. His Post Office address West Lebanon County of Warren, and State of Indiana.

Washington [M] Crawford – signature

Witness: Fry Bryant

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  1. Try using the Record Group Explorer at NARA and search Record Group 15. I’ve found further medical records for some of the Civil War vets in my husband’s tree.

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