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Facebook Find

I’ll admit, I’m a Facebook fan – and at times I can be a Facebook addict. For me, Facebook is not only a means to stay connected with family and friends, but also a source of information, particularly when it comes to genealogy related topics.

In early December, a reconnection with an acquaintance from my youth resulted in a wonderful find about my grandfather, E. O. Briles of Emporia. My Facebook friend shared a picture of Commercial Street in downtown Emporia.

The original poster was wondering whether anyone could date the picture based on the cars parked along the street. This picture caught my attention because of the ‘Lyric’ sign on the left side of the street. My grandfather, E. O. Briles, ran the Lyric Theatre in downtown Emporia. My brother also noted the Lyric marquee and posted a link to a source I hadn’t seen before. The website, Cinema Treasures, has an article about the Lyric Theatre and my grandfathers efforts to open the movie theater on Sundays.

Thank you Facebook for this wonderful find!

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