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RootsMagic 8 – Duplicate Sources

While working thru what my process will be to add a source to an event in the preview of RootsMagic 8, I discovered that I have the same source in my database twice. I made this discovery when I searched my list of sources for ‘journal and’.

If I click on the three dots in the upper right of the Sources section of the screen, it reveals the option to “Merge Sources” [NOTE: Always look under those three dots when trying to figure out how to do something.]

Before starting the merge, I need to make sure the source I want to keep is highlighted. When I click on ‘Merge Sources’ a window opens prompting me to ‘Select Source’.

Again, I use the search box to look for ‘journal and’ to narrow the list. From trial and error, I learned that

  • the highlighted source in the Sources window is my first source
  • the ‘Select Source’ window wants me to select the 2nd source

Since the source whose name begins with ‘News-IN Journal’ is the source I want to keep, I need to switch the highlighting to the source whose name begins with “News-IN Lafayette.”

Once I have this second source highlighted, I can click on the OK button. This will open a screen comparing the two sources.

This screen is a ‘fail safe’ screen. The source on the left is the one that will be kept and the source on the right is the one that will disappear after a merge. By showing the two sources side by side, one can compare the information and then make a decision.

  • Cancel when one decides the two sources are not the same
  • Swap when one decides that they would prefer the source on the right be the one that is kept.
  • Merge Duplicates when one decides the two sources do need to be merged with the source on the left surviving.

I clicked on the ‘Merge Duplicates’ button and my screen switched to the citations screen for the surviving source.

If I click the green < to the left of the word Citations, the screen switches to the sources screen showing the surviving source.

On this screen I can see that there is a total of 37 citations for this source which is the combination of the 27 citations from the source that was kept and the 10 citations from the source that was not kept.

I’m sure that these notes will come in handy when I start actively using RootsMagic 8 and find more duplicate sources.