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RootsMagic Clean-Up Pt 3

As I’m working to clean-up my RootsMagic 7 file while previewing RootsMagic 8, I’m also discovering issues with the data in my file that I didn’t even know were issues. These issues were pointed out in the YouTube video, Cleaning Your Family Tree in RootsMagic.

About 13 minutes into the video, he discusses ‘Facts with Text Dates’. I had no idea this could be an issue! I ran the Fact List Report selecting the option “Facts with Text Dates”.

When I printed that report, I had FOUR pages of issues.

  • typing errors
  • dates enclosed in <> brackets, ex: <1877>
  • the word ‘deceased’ (or variations) entered as a death date
  • the word ‘unknown’ entered for the birth or death date
  • places or names entered in the death field

I’ll own the typos and possibly the names/places entered in the date fields. However, I think most of these other issues were created when I imported individuals from FamilySearch. Now that I know this can be an issue, I also know to look for it when I do such an import.

To work my way thru these 4 pages of issues, I decided to see if I could create a ‘marked group’ for a majority of the people on this list. Since many of the dates on this list contain <>, deceased, or unknown, I decided to create a marked group based on people having a fact containing those items.

Now that I have this marked group, I can work my way thru the list to edit the events.

When I’m finished working my way thru this marked group, I can re-create the report to see what I have left and work my way thru them until all of these dates are corrected.