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RootsMagic Clean-Up Part 4

My quest to clean up my RootsMagic 7 database may get sidetracked. The next step is to ‘count trees’ and then to merge them.

This task assumes that the goal is to have ONE tree. Instead of viewing my software as ‘family tree’ software, I view it as a database.

Database – a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.

Thus, I use my software to keep track of all of my research, as if the software were a specialized form of database software. Knowing that I use my software in this manner, I expected to have a fair number of ‘trees’ but I didn’t expect this many.

When I go to one of these ‘individual’ trees, I understand why I have these individuals by themselves. When I encounter data that may or may not be for someone in my tree, I have created a duplicate person and entered this new data for this duplicate person. Then I create a shared ‘Identity’ fact to link this new person to the person I think they match in my tree. Below is an example of such a person — Hampton Crandall – 8292.

These ‘identity’ facts were created in The Master Genealogist. It is one of my customizations from TMG which the sentence structure did not transfer well into RootsMagic.

At the top of my “count trees’ list, I find several larger trees. These are trees that I have researched because of possible ties to my own tree.

At this point, I don’t have enough information to connect them to my primary tree. Thus, they will remain as their own trees. And I won’t be ‘cleaning up’ these trees by merging them into my primary tree.