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Throwback Thursday

The following photos were in my grandmother’s things. Based on my grandmother’s activities, these pictures could be the ‘Old Timer’s Club’ or the ‘East Side Bible Study Group’ of Dodge City, Kansas.

Top Row (L-R) Mabel Christy, De Ette Zimmer, Bertie Brown, Winnie Crawford, Dora Fritzlen / 2nd Row: Sadie Archer, Laura Burnett, Lena Tucker, Florence Sullivan / 3rd Row: Gertie Falkner, Nan Wright Dewar, Lena Paulen, Ida Olive / 4th Row: Ethel Moody, IDa Teeter, Icy Crutchley, Josie Crawford, L.R.
Top Row: ? – Winnie Crawford – ? – Una Paulen, Lena Tucker, Bertie Br[a?] / 2nd ROw: IDa Teeter sister – ? – Dora JOnes, De Ette Zimer, Florence Sullivan / 3rd Row: Nina Dellar, Edna Williams, Ida Olive, Ethel Moody, Gertie Falkner, Cora Wood, LR

The names on the back of the photos appear to be some of the same names in the newspaper article, “Some Things Never Change for Old Timers … Well Some Things,” that was published in the December 8, 1975 issue of the Dodge City Daily Globe (Dodge City, Kansas).