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Shared Facts

RootsMagic Clean-Up Part 5

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m in the middle of figuring out issues with my RoosMagic data that likely should be resolved before transitioning to RootsMagic 8. While also working on narrative reports for my 2nd great grandparents, I came across some ‘Shared Facts’ that are likely an issue that should be cleaned up.

As I’ve mentioned before, my RootsMagic data was imported from The Master Genealogist. And that is the source of my ‘shared facts.’

Although shared facts make it easy to enter data, there are issues associated with their use.

  • Gedcom doesn’t handle shared facts
  • Ancestry TreeShare does not connect the sources for a shared fact to an event
  • Shared facts do not print in chronological order on a narrative report

For more information about shared facts vs family facts vs individual facts see the discussion by Jerry Bryan on the RootsMagic forum discussion about Census (Family) and Residence (Family) fact type problems. (Scroll down to find Jerry Bryan’s comments.)

Since narrative reports are one of the ways I share my genealogy data, converting these shared facts to individual facts is now a priority. There is no ‘easy button’ for this process. It will have to be done one fact at a time. Copying the information from the family fact to an individual fact will be made easier by using a screen shot of the existing family fact for reference when creating the individual fact.

Once the fact is created and the sentence is customized, I can go back to the family fact to copy the source and paste it into the newly created individual source. Then the process needs repeated for the individual that shared the original fact.

Once the individual fact is created for all parties, then the original shared fact can be deleted.

This will be a slow but necessary process.