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Throwback Thursday

Each Thursday, I am trying to share some of the family pictures that have been passed down to me by my grandmothers. Today’s set of pictures comes from my Dodge City collection.

According to the description on the back, a couple of these pictures were taken at the ‘Airport Restaurant’. This was one of my grandmother’s favorite restaurants. It was a small cafe with about 5 booths and a small counter. Several of the booths overlooked the runway. Thus, we would sit in a booth, eating traditional American food, as we watched the activity around the hangars and runway.

The pictures are from a celebration of Alma Currey Taylor Grenier’s 75th birthday in 1987. Included in the pictures are Alma’s husband, Nap; Alma’s sister and my grandmother, Winnie Currey Crawford; and Winnie’s sister-in-law, Esther Crawford Noll.

Esther Noll, Winnie Crawford, Alma Grenier
Alma Grenier, Esther Noll, Winnie Crawford
Esther Noll, Winnie Crawford, Nap Grenier
Winnie Currey Crawford and her sister, Alma Currey Taylor Grenier