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Valentine’s Love

It’s Saturday and time again for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun! It is also the day before Valentine’s day and there is a ‘Valentine’s Day Challenge’ going around Facebook.

Mike and I met while attending Kansas State Teachers College in Emporia, Kansas. I’m not sure when we first met. It was sometime during our sophomore year when we were both chemistry lab assistants and also in a class together. We became engaged on Valentine’s Day during our junior year and were married after graduation. We will be celebrating our 48th year of marriage this May.

So here’s our Valentine’s Day Challenge story

How’d we meet? chemistry class in college
First Date? I don’t remember
How long have you been together? Engaged February 1973
Married? Yes – 47 years this May
Age Difference? 5 months
Who was interested first? Not sure
Who said ‘I Love you’ first? probably him
Most impatient? likely me
Most sensitive? not sure
Loudest? him
Most stubborn? likely equally stubborn in our own ways
Falls asleep first? Me
Cooks better? Both
Better morning person? Me
Better driver? Me of course (he is a good driver)
Most competitive? Neither
Who is the funniest? him
Who is more social? neither very social
Who is the neat freak? neither
Where was your first kiss? parents’ front porch
How long did it take to get serious? don’t remember
Plans date night? neither
Who picks where you go to dinner? Usually mutual discussion
Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Usually both admit errors
Who wears pants in relationship?
Who has more tattoos? Neither of us has a tattoo
Who sings better? not sure
Hogs the remote the most? Me — early in the evening
Spends the most? Me
Did you go to the same school? No – until college
Who drives when you are driving together? Share driving
Where is the farthest you have traveled together? West coast

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  1. Valentine’s Day has a special meaning for you since it’s the day you got engaged. Happy Valentine’s Day, Marcia.

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