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I recently wrote a blog post, Proving Death, based on two documents that I found in a military and pension file for an ancestor. As I was writing that post, I kept thinking about the fact that I have this folder full of images that will likely get lost when I no longer work on my family history. In addition, I have a lot of family photos going back generations.

Not wanting these documents or family photos to hit the recycle bin, I’ve been pondering where I could put them so others could also benefit from these photos and documents.

Since I have been sharing my work online for quite some time, my experience is causing me to question whether my current methods of sharing will be accessible in the future. Thus, I’ve been considering adding my photos and documents as memories on the FamilySearch collaborative tree. I was leaning toward putting the photos, etc. on FamilySearch since it is freely accessible. I also think it is the one site that will work to migrate these memories into the future as technology changes.

This decision to use FamilySearch as a way to share the family photos was finalized when I saw their Ancestor Discovery pages.

These pages are easily sharable and put the family information in a format that non-genealogist will understand. The thumbnails of the memories provide a glimpse into the attached memories. Viewers can easily access all of the memories from this page. (Note: users will need to login to a free FamilySearch account.)

So, I have started uploading more memories. I want to start with items that are buried in my notebooks and files that others may not have. This will include

  • Family Photos
  • Audio files of interviews
  • Birth, Marriage and Death certificates
  • Military and pension records
  • Homestead documents
  • Deeds
  • Wills and probate records

Yes, I have money invested in some of these documents. However, if an archive does not accept my genealogy files due to lack of space or funds to handle, then these same documents are the most likely items to hit a trash can.

Based on the Fan Chart colored to show the quantity of photos attached, it is obvious that I have my work cut out for me.

5 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. Sounds like another huge project, but should ultimately prove worthwhile. I’m hoping my research materials will go to appropriate family or archives. But your reasoning on the technology issue is good.

  2. a huge project indeed…I have uploaded some items there but am not sure I want to put everything there…I’ll have to reread the T&C and ensure that my images can’t be used in ads…

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