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Facebook Memories

Does your hometown have a Facebook group for sharing memories? One of my favorite groups is ‘Growing Up in Dodge City’. The posts cover a wide range of topics from cowboy history to high school memories. Even though I moved away while in junior high, I have had extended family living in Dodge City until the present.

I often share stories and photos with this Facebook group. In late January, I shared a picture of my grandmother and a group of other Dodge City women who were members of the ‘Old Timers’ Club.

Top Row: ? – Winnie Crawford – ? – Elna Paulon – Lena Tucker – Bertie Bro / 2nd Row: Ida Tester Sister – ? – Dora Jones – De Ette Zimmer – Florence Sullivan / 3rd row: Nina Dellar – Edna Williams – Ida Olive – Ethel Moody – Gertie Falkner – Cora Wood & L.R.

I expected discussion about the other women in the photo. However, I did not expect the personal comments from my second cousins.

I am so thankful to have these memories!