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Sources Struggle

Do you struggle adding sources to the FamilySearch tree or is it just me? I’m not a member of their church and have only been using the FamilySearch website, including the tree, for about five years. Thus, I am still learning.

With the recently released Ancestor Discovery pages, I want to use those pages as one way to share my family history. Even though a casual viewer won’t be interested in the sources, other researchers will. So, I need to get past the struggle and figure out how I can get my sources onto FamilySearch.

Since I’m a RootsMagic user, I tried using the interface between RootsMagic and FamilySearch to upload these sources.

This is where my struggle begins. On this interface, I have a hard time figuring out whether one of my sources on the left is already on FamilySearch on the right. Once I manage to figure out a source that has yet to be added to FamilySearch, the window that opens up is the next challenge.

Since my sources could be attached to a variety of facts/events beyond the basics of birth, marriage and death, I don’t know what I’m expected to check. Then comes the ‘reason’ to attach, which I also struggle with. Once completed, the source now appears in the FamilySearch list on the RootsMagic interface.

In trying to figure out how I enter sources in RootsMatic impacts this interface, I noticed that the name of the source is how the source is listed in the RootsMagic list and how it is listed on FamilySearch once transferred. I also discovered that my ‘lumping’ tendancy hinders my ability to upload sources.

Instead of individual sources for each article in a newspaper, all of the articles from that newspaper are lumped together. Curious about how the way RootsMagic 8 uses citations, I wondered if RootsMagic 8 would lump the sources in the same way. When I looked at RootsMagic 8, the list of sources appeared to be the same.

Since one of my dad’s first cousins is active on the FamilySearch tree, I decided to see if I could learn anything from the sources she has added.

Studying sources she added as well as sources added by others, I noticed a pattern:

Name as listed in record followed by an abbreviated name of the record

The other thing I noticed was the date associated with each source. When I switched back to my grandfather’s sources page, I found that the date is not listed for some of the sources I transferred, while it is listed for other sources I transferred.

Thus, I don’t think the RootsMagic interface is the best way for me to transfer the sources in my file. So my other option is to use the ‘Add Sources’ page.

Using this screen to add a source allows me to add the transcription and add the media.

Using the add source screen would be easiest to use at the same time I’m creating the source in RootsMagic.

This is also how I will need to add all of my newspaper sources. Thus, I likely need to work with a report for the individual that includes the Endnotes to figure out which sources need added and reference back to the citation on RootsMagic so I can copy it to FamilySearch.

Using the ‘Add Sources’ screen will take longer to get my existing sources attached to my ancestors on the tree, but I understand that process. Thus, it will be less of a struggle.

3 thoughts on “Sources Struggle

  1. I’ve been considering trying the RootsMagic source to FamilySearch upload but haven’t done it yet. I think I may just do one and see the result. I’ve been adding them separately and sometimes using the Chrome extension RecordSeek which is helpful since you can just add their ID and it transfers it. I still go in and check it and add my transcription and the date and you can tweak it however you’d like. It’s going to be a long process but I’d like my RootsMagic tree and FS tree to sync.

    • Thanks for the hint to try RecordSeek. I’ll have to check it out. Would you mind sharing an ID for an ancestor so I can see how your sources have transferred?

      • LV8D-D6K – the city directories from Internet Archive were done with RecordSeek and I’m not thrilled how they turned out (not EE) but there was enough to get back to the directory. I can edit and copy paste from RootsMagic but I used Ancestry city directories on RM and wanted a free source for FS. SSDI Claims was RecordSeek and it’s better. That’s from Ancestry. It’s Ancestry’s style (not EE) but you can tell where it came from. I think I could be using RecordSeek more effectively. You can edit the citation before you click Send to FamilySearch which I probably should be doing. That’s why I was considering the upload between RM and FS.

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