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Cousin Connections

Are you going to RootsTech Connect? (If not, register here for lots of free genealogy sessions.)

If so, did you register for Relatives at RootsTech? (If not,

  • register here – https://FamilySearch.org/connect
  • Create or login to your FamilySearch account
  • Create a family tree by adding yourself and close ancestors (2-3 generations) to the FamilySearch tree
  • Search the tree for ancestors and connect to them
  • Increasing generational connections will increase likelihood of finding Relatives at RootsTech

When I first wrote about Relatives at RootsTech in my Over 19,000 blog, most of the relatives listed for me were very distant. Thus, I didn’t plan to do much with this information.

However, when I logged in today, I found someone who descends from my great aunt, Bernice Crawford. Since Bernice and her family moved from Kansas to California, connections with the Dodge City family were infrequent. Thus, I’m thrilled to be able to make this connection.

When I made the cousin discovery this morning, I also discovered a setting that makes this even more useful for me. To access this setting, you will need the FamilySearch Tree app (on a smart phone or tablet).

After opening the app and logging in, you should see the Find Relatives at RootsTech box at the top of the screen.

Tapping on that box, will open your list of relatives.

This morning, I discovered the icon to the right of the ‘All Locations’ drop down box. This icon looks like two lines with boxes.

When I tapped that icon, I had options to see my list of relatives in four different ways: All, Maternal, Paternal and Ancestor. Then I selected ‘Ancestor’ my list was sorted by common ancestor.

I find this view VERY helpful – especially when it comes to my brick walls. Now I can see ‘relatives’ who descend from James Crawford without having to look at each person to see how we are related.

My next step is to create a generic message that I can copy/paste to contact some of these relatives. This message will include

  • Our common ancestor
  • Link to my grandparent line for that ancestor in the FamilySearch tree
  • Link to my Ancestry tree
  • Link to my RootsMagic online tree
  • Link to my blog
  • Statement regarding my willingness to upload photos or sources to the FamilySearch tree that they may not have
  • My contact information

Now, I need to get to work and make connection with these relatives.

One thought on “Cousin Connections

  1. I was able to send quite a few messages to yesterday. I haven’t heard back from my second cousin (yet) but I took the time to upload the pictures I have of my great aunt Bernice Crawford (his great grandmother).
    I did hear back from a descendant of Ozias Wells. Since I had received a photocopy of the family Bible, I also took the time to locate my pdf copy and upload it so that my contact could access it.
    I was pleased to find several descendants of one of my major brick walls: James Crawford. Hopefully, we will be able to connect and collaborate.
    I did create a spreadsheet to keep track of these contacts.

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