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Band Member

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Is your family one of those blessed with lots of musical talent? If so, did you inherit any of that talent?

I would love to say that I have inherited some of my mother’s musical talent, but I’m definitely a left brained person. I can figure out computer issues, but I don’t have a musical ear. I’m sure my lack of musical talent frustrated my mother since she loved music.

In high school, mom played the French horn and was a member of a French horn quartet, and the orchestra.

Emporia High Orchestra

Mom was likely a member of the marching band. However, the picture that I thought was the marching band is actually of the Emporia Municipal Band. Below is information from the 5 June 1947 issue of the Emporia Weekly Gazette (Emporia, Kansas) about the band.

The Emporia Municipal band, directed by O. R. Parker, will be back on the job Friday evening with the first of the series of Friday evening concerts that will continue throughout the summer. The program and place for the first concert will be announced later.

Mr. Parker announced this week that the band had been recruited to full strength of 35 members with the addition of several veteran musicians.

Next Saturday morning the band will go to Cottonwood Falls where it will have a part in the Flint Hills Rodeo parade which will proceed from Cottonwood Falls to Strong City. The band has been designated the official band for the rodeo which will show Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon and evening. “Ten-gallon” hats have been ordered for the members of the band and they are expected to arrive in time for the parade and rodeo performance.

Harry Krueger continues as manager of the Municipal band. The board members are Tome Ford, Warren Phillips, Reuben Hammer, Dan Lewis and Jay Pierson. Darrell McDermed is the librarian and Mary Jo Ames is the drum major.

First row – O. R. Parker, director, Bob Dabbs, Henry Cobb, J. W. Brinkman, Harry Krueger; Second row – Roberta Briles, Pat Phillips, Bernard Black, Reuben Hammer, Warren Phillips, Jane Hanna; Third row – Mary Jo Ames, Dan Lewis, Lois Gaines, Earl Gadberry, Tom Ford, Charles JOnes, Albert Ropfogel; Fourth row – Thelda Askew, Bill Dick, Duane Reaka, Dr. W. R. Fox, Donald Koons, Buzzie Stinson; Fifth row – Ernest Russell, Mike Meares, Darrel McDermed, Bill Clay, Jay Pierson, Byron Nienstedt and Ray Fowler.