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1950 Prep

Have you seen the Facebook posts or the tweets about the upcoming release of the 1950 census next year. I saw and even shared some of those posts. However, I have to admit that I wasn’t seriously thinking about the preparation I might need to be doing to get ready for next year.

Then I saw the announcement for Dear Myrtle’s study group preparing for the release of the census. Curious about this study group, I watched the April 9, 2021 Wacky Wednesday which discussed this study group. Viewing this discussion helped me realize that I have a lot to learn about preparing for this census. Thus, I have registered for the group.

During one of the upcoming sessions, they are going to discuss using our genealogy programs to create a list of people that should be found in the 1950 census.

Curious about what type of report I could create, I tried creating a report. For the report, I created marked group for those who were born before 1950 but died after 1950.

Then I used the “Who Was There List” to create a report using the individuals in my marked grouped. In setting up the report, I used United States for the place and elected to print the married name and alternate names.

This report provides some very useful information. Because it lists the residence information I have for the individual, it will help me identify exact locations to search for these people.

Because this report is HUGE, I likely will modify the settings to limit the geographic area.

I’m looking forward to participating in the upcoming sessions to learn more about what I can do to prepare for next April.

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