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Following the Land

This is the 5th part in a series of posts about the land that my 2nd great grandfather, Noah Briles purchased from his father.

I’m trying to track what happened to the land after the death of Noah Briles. Since I’ve filed the documents for this parcel of land in two different generations of the family, I’m having to go back and try and merge this information into one timeline.

Today, I’m adding a mortgage deed where S. J. Davis obtains a mortgage from R. Waldron

The land in question is the West half of the Northeast quarter of Section Twelve (12) in Township twenty three (23) of Range fifteen (15).


  • 1866 – Sarah Jane Thompson married Noah Washington Briles in Wapello County Iowa on 9 August 1866
  • 1869 – Noah W. Briles purchased the land in question from his father, Alexander Briles.
  • 1879 – Noah Briles died leaving his wife, Sarah and two children: Ida Angelina and Edward Grant Briles
  • 1886 – In November, Sarah J. Briles mortgaged the land to W. H. Fear for $150.00
  • 1888 – In May, Sarah Briles married Jeremiah D. Davis
  • 1888 – In November, the mortgage to W. H. Fear was paid off
  • 1889 – In January, Ed G. Briles purchase an undivided one fourth interest in the land from Angeline Myers (formerly Angeline Briles) and her husband H. E. Myers
  • 1889 – In February E. G. Briles mortgaged an undivided one half interest in the land to W. H. Fear for $250.
  • 1889 – In February, W. H. Fear assigned the mortgage for the land to Jacob Cline
  • 1889 – In December, S. J. Davis and J.D. Davis and E. G. Briles mortgaged the land for $165 to Angeline Myers (Angeline Briles Myers)
  • 1891 – In April, the mortgage obtained by E. G. Briles for an undivided one half interest in the land was paid off.
  • 1896 – In July, the mortgage to Angeline Myers was paid off
  • 1896 – In August, E. G. Briles and F. A. Briles his wife sell all their undivided half interest in the land to S. J. Davis for $1000
  • 1896 – In August, S. J. Davis obtains a mortgage on the land from E. G. Briles (information regarding the cancellation of this mortgage is missing from the deed)
  • 1898 – In July, Jeremiah D. Davis sold to Sarah J. Davis two parcels of land for $1,000
    • the parcel in question: the West half of the Northeast quarter of section twelve (12) in township twenty three (23) of range fifteen (150
    • and the Southwest quarter of the Southeast quarter of section thirty six (36) in township twenty two (22) of range fifteen (15)
  • 1898 – In September, Jeremiah Davis was granted a divorce from Sarah J. Davis. Sarah J. Davis’ name was restored to Sarah J. Briles
  • 1901 – In July, Sarah J. Briles mortgaged the land in section 12 to R. Waldron for $350
  • 1910 – In March, the mortgage to R. Waldon had been paid off
  • 1910 – In March, Sarah J. Briles sold the land in section 12 to H.E. Myers (first husband of Ida Angeline Briles)

Sarah J Briles, Grantor
R Waldron, Grantee

Filed for record on the 15 day of July 1901 at 8 o’clock __M
Minnie Gilman, Register of Deeds
By Lillian E. Rogers, Deputy

This Indenture, made this 15th day of July AD 1901 between Sarah J Briles, an unmarried woman of Crandal in the County of Coffey and State of Kansas of the first part and R. Waldron of the second part.
Witnesseth, that the party of the first part, in consideration of the sum of Three Hundred and Fifty dollars to her duly paid, has sold, and by these presents does Grant, Bargain, Sell and Mortgage to the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns, forever, all that tract of land in the County of Coffey, and State of Kansas described as follows to wit:
West one half (1/2) of the North-East quarter (1/4) of section twelve (12) township twenty-three (23) range fifteen (15)
With the appurtenance, and all the estate, title and interest of the said party of the first part therein. This Grant is intended as a MORTGAGE to secure the payment of the sum of Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars according to the terms of one coupon note this day executed and delivered by said party of the first part to the said party of the second part; and this conveyance shall be void if such payment be made as in herein specified. But if default be made in said payment, or any part thereof, or the interest thereon, as provided, or if the taxes and assessments levied against said premises are not paid at the time when they are by law made due and payable, then the whole sum hereby secured shall at the option, of the holder hereof, become immediately due and payable; and it shall be lawful for the said party of the second part, his executors, administrators or assigns, at any time thereafter, to sell the premises hereby granted, or any part thereof, in the manner prescribed by law, and out of all the moneys arising form such sale to retain the amount then due for principal and interest, together with the costs and charges of making such sale, and the overplus, if any there be, shall be paid by the part making such sale, on demand to the said party of the first part her heirs or assigns. Appraisement waived.
In Witness Whereof, the said party of the first part has hereunto set her hand, and seal, the day and year above written.
Sarah J. Briles (seal)

State of Kansas, County of Coffey, ss.
On this 15th day of July A.D. 1901 before me, a notary public in and for said County, personally came Sarah J Briles an unmarried woman to me personally known to be the same person whose name is affixed to the foregoing conveyance as grantor and she duly acknowledged the execution of the same.
Witness my hand and official seal, on the date last above written
[Jerrie] F Foster
Notary Public
My commission expires Jany 24 1902

Along left edge of deed
The note herein described having been paid in full this mortgage is hereby released and the lein thereby created discharged
Witness my hand this 18th day of March A.D. 1910
R. Waldron
Attest Alice Gifford
True copy of endorsement on original instrument
Filed for entry March 21 1910
Harrie E Robson, Register of Deeds

Coffey County, Kansas, Deeds, Mortgage book 41 page 349, Sarah J Briles from R Waldron, 16 July 1901; Recorder of Deeds, Burlington, Kansas.