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Ricketts Marriage

Have you tried to obtain the military pension record for any of your ancestors? If so, did you discover a marriage license buried in those documents?

That is the case for many of my civil war ancestors’ pension files, including that of James Marshall Ricketts.

Marriage License – Clinton County, IN
Found in Book 4:489

James M. Ricketts
Rachel E Christy
Be it Remembered that in this 7th

day of July 1866, the following

marriage license was issued, to wit:

State of Indiana, to-wit: Clinton County
All Who Shall see These Presents, — Greeting:
[?] Ye, That any person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony, is hereby licensed to join in
[?] as Husband an Wife Mr. James M. Ricketts and
Miss Rachel E. Christy and for so doing, this shall be his sufficient authority.
In Testimony Whereof, I Daniel P. Barnes, Clerk of the Clinton Circuit Court, hereunto
subscribe my name, and affix the seal of said court, this 7th day of July
Daniel P. Barnes, Clerk
[Be] it Further Remembered, that on this 6th day of August 1866
[follo]wing certificate was filed in my office, to-wit:
[S]tate of Indiana, to-wit: Clinton County
[This] certifies that I joined in Marriage, as husband and wife, Mr. James M. RIcketts
Miss Rachel E. Christy on the 12th day of July 1866
James M. Go[sett], Minister
[?] and recorded
David P. Barnes, Clerk