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Do you ever try to perform a task in a piece of software and just can’t get it to work like you think it should? That’s my situation.

I’m trying to create a ‘Who Was There’ report in RootsMagic for everyone who was living in Garrard, Madison or Lincoln counties, Kentucky prior to 1800. I thought I had this all figured out but no matter how I modify the settings, there is one individual who should be on the report who is NOT: Osborn Bland

To try and figure out what I was doing wrong, I checked to make sure Osborn Bland had a fact placing him in one of those counties. I verified that he had a residence fact for 1782 with a place of Madison, Kentucky, United States. I also verified that the fact was not marked ‘Private’.

Knowing that Osborn Bland had facts placing him in Nelson County, Kentucky, I tried a different approach to see of I could get him on a ‘Who Was There’ report. I created a marked group for people who have any fact place containing ‘Nelson, Kentucky’

Osborn Bland appears in this group. Thus, I know that the program is picking up the place ‘Nelson, Kentucky’. So, I tried a ‘Who Was There’ report for Nelson, Kentucky using my ‘AnyFact Place Nelson Kentucky’ marked group.

Again, Osborn Bland should be on the report but is found missing – AGAIN. (Note, his son, Osborn Bland Jr is on the report and in the Marked Group.)

Thinking that there is an issue with Osborn Bland, I created another person and named him Osborn Test Bland. I created facts for this test subject. These facts place him in Madison, Nelson and Monroe counties, Kentucky. I edited the Marked Group for Nelson County to make sure he would be found for the group. His inclusion in the marked group can be seen in the following image and in the above images for attempting the WhoWasThere report.

Strangely, this newly created individual is also missing from the Who Was There report as evidenced in the images above.

So, I tried a ‘Who Was There’ report for Nelson, Kentucky and set the date to 1785.

Again, no Osborn Bland nor an Osborn Test Bland. As I was creating the above report, I wondered if the age range of 0 to 100 was affecting my results. Thus, I modified Osborn Test Bland to add an approximate birth date of 1750 and an approximate death date of 1830. This time, Osborn Test Bland appeared on my report.

I couldn’t figure out how to create this report without the age range criteria. Thus, it will not pull up individuals who do not have a birth and a death date. By adding the approximate birth and death dates, then the individual is pulled for the report. This explains why I could get them on a marked group list but not on the report.

I posted this issue to the Facebook RootsMagic group and want to thank everyone who commented on my post with suggestions on how to get this report to pull Osborn Bland.