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Calling all Genea-Musings Fans:  It’s Saturday Night again – 
Time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment, should you decide to accept it (you ARE reading this, so I assume that you really want to play along – cue the Mission Impossible music!):
1)  We’re all familiar with Timelines – date, location, event, etc. – for events in our lives.  This week, create a Place Line for your life, or for the life of one of your parents or grandparents – your choice! In that Place Line, tell us the location (address if possible), inclusive dates (if possible), and events. Consider topics like residence, schools, churches, employment, etc.

To protect the privacy of my immediate family, I am choosing to do a place line for Pauline Briles. To determine these places, I have used land records, census records, city directories and newspaper articles. Since Pauline lived her entire life in Kansas, I can take advantage of Ancestry’s source, Kansas, City and County Census Records, 1919-1961, to help fill in the blanks.

Pauline Edith Mentzer, wife of Edward Osmund Briles

  • 1896 – born in Woodson County, Kansas – likely North Township
  • 1900 – census records indicate she was living in North township, Woodson County, Kansas
  • 1905 – Kansas census records indicate she was living in Neosho Falls, Woodson County, Kansas
  • 1910 – census records indicate she was living in Liberty Township, Coffey County, Kansas
  • 1913 – received a diploma from School District #9 in Coffey County, Kansas implying she was living in Coffey County
  • 1914 – attended high school in Yates Center, Kansas
  • 1915 – married Edward Osmund Briles in Yates Center, Kansas
  • 1917 – husband’s draft record indicates they were living in Vernon, (Woodson County), Kansas
  • 1920 – living in Iola, Kansas
  • 1925 – living in Iola, Kansas
  • 1929 – moved out of house on South Pecan street in Iola, (Allen County) Kansas
  • 1930 – living in Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas
  • 1934 – living in Emporia Kansas
  • 1937 – 416 Constitution, Emporia, Kansas
  • 1939 – 6 Mechanic St., Emporia, Kansas
  • 1940 – 613 Lincoln Street
  • 1942 – RFD #1 (likely East 6th Street), Emporia, Kansas
  • 1945 – 924 Constitution, Emporia, Kansas
  • 1952 – 645 Lincoln, Emporia, Kansas
  • 1953 – city directory indicates she was living at 924 Constitution, Emporia, Kansas while the census lists and address of 645 Lincoln, Emporia, Kansas
  • 1955 – 645 Lincoln, Emporia, Kansas
  • 1956 – her husband died; his death certificate indicates they were living at 645 Lincoln, Emporia, Kansas
  • 1957 – 138 W. 12th
  • 1958 – Manhattan, Kansas living with daughter
  • 1959 – lived at 1014 Market Street, Emporia, Kansas which is where her sister, Gladys Green lived
  • 1961 – 821 W. 6th St., Emporia, Kansas – lived here until the house was sold for development along 6th street
  • 1967 – 609 W 5th St., Emporia, Kansas
  • 1976 – 609 W. 5th St., Emporia, Kansas
  • 1977 – 609 W. 5th St., Emporia, Kansas; lived here until she moved to Horizon Plaza
  • 1984 – at her death she was living in apartment #405 at Horizon Plaza at 1531 Wheeler in Emporia, Kansas

Below are two pictures of Pauline standing in front of her home at the time. Unfortunately, I don’t know which house is pictured in these photos.

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  1. I love your place line with so many details. It’s amazing that you were able to place her in so many different homes.

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