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Broken Record

Do you ever feel like you are encountering the same issues over and over when researching your family history? For researchers with roots in the southern states, this might be dealing with burned out counties. Since I’m just starting to really dig into Virginia records, I’m just beginning to deal with this challenge.

Instead, my issue is what I call ‘same name’ issues. I recently wrote about my issues figuring out two different Thurston K. Wells and have for years written about my James Crawford research. However, yesterday while trying to research the descendants of Hiram M. Currey of Peoria County, Illinois. I kept encountering trees showing that he died in 1874.

So, I searched my file for someone who had a death place containing Miami and a death date containing 1874. With this search of my RootsMagic file, I found Hiram Merrick Currey (7 Apr 1818 – 3 Mar 1874). In my file, I have this Hiram Currey married to Julia Wicker. Since I believe my Hiram Currey ancestor was a lawyer in Peoria County, Illinois, I started comparing these two men. Even though I don’t know when or where my Hiram Currey ancestor died, I do have a lot of facts for him in the 1820s and 1830s, including his admittance into the practice of law in 1822. To begin practicing law in Rush County, Indiana, in1822 my Hiram Currey ancestor had to have been born prior to 1818.

Wanting to include a short narrative report for Hiram Currey (1818-1874) and Julia Wicker in this blog post, I started checking out his Ancestry hints. And discovered that there are several Ancestry hints for a marriage between Hiram Currey and Julia Hatfield.

So, back to RootsMagic I go searching my file for Julia Hatfield. And, I find a third Hiram Currey. This one is a doctor who was born in 1827 and died in 1898.

So, that is THREE Hiram Curreys, all of them with a middle initial of M.

  • Hiram M. Currey, lawyer of Peoria County, Illinois who married Rachel Harris Whitaker
  • Hiram Merrick Currey (1818-1874), a Methodist minister who married Julia Wicker and died in Miami County, Ohio
  • Hiram Meyrick Currey (1827-1898), a physician who married Julia Hatfield and died in Spencer County, Indiana.

Since I have all of them in my file, is it possible they are related? As it turns out the minister and the doctor are first cousins. If I’m correct about my ancestors’ grandfather, then they are all first cousins. All with very similar names, all likely first cousins.

Below is a family group sheet for the Methodist minister.

Below is a family group sheet for the doctor.

Anyone wishing sources for any of the above Hiram Currey’s can leave a comment on this blog. One can also check out my Ancestry tree, Heartland Genealogy:

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