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RM8 Fact List Report

I recently wanted a report listing those who have a military fact for the civil war. At the time, I used RootsMagic 7 to create the report. Now, I’m going to try to create the same report with RootsMagic 8.

In RM8, access to groups is thru the icon that looks like a paint palette in the upper right corner of the program.

Clicking this icon opens the COMMAND PALETTE. This list is alphabetical in order. Thus, one scrolls down to locate GROUPS.

Note that there are TWO commands for GROUPS. One allows editing of the individual’ groups while the other allows for the creation, editing or deleting existing groups. It is this second command that needs to be used to create a marked group. Clicking this icon opens the GROUPS window.

Clicking NEW opens the window to name this new group.

Once the group is named, the ROOTSMAGIC EXPLORER window opens.

Clicking on the MARK button opens the menu.

For this project, I want to use the ‘Military fact’. Thus, I need to pick BY DATA FIELDS. This opens a window that is very similar to the selection window in RM7.

For this report, the MILITARY data field is used to search for dates after 1860 and before 1867.

This marked 76 people in RootsMagic8.

Be sure to Click the SELECT button at the bottom of the Group Window. Failure to do this will prevent the selected people from being added to the list!

To create the report, the PUBLISH menu is used.

This menu is populated by the most recently used reports. If the FACT LIST menu is not showing, then the ALL REPORTS AND CHARTS is used to open the list of available reports.

From the report list, click on the FACT LIST report.

Clicking on the report opens the settings for the report on the left side of the screen and a window for the report results .

For the civil war report, the FACT TYPE is changed from ‘birth’ to MILITARY.

Then the INCLUDE option is changed from Everyone to the marked group – Military Civil War.

Once the settings are configured, then the GENERATE REPORT button at the bottom of the settings window is selected.

The report will appears in the window to the right of the settings column.

One thought on “RM8 Fact List Report

  1. Thanks for this – it looks like the process is a little more streamlined than in RM7…or maybe just more intuitive for me. Groups have always been a bit of a pain to me, but I know how useful they can be.

    Really looking forward to when they finally add the option to export a report to .rtf. At least, I’m assuming they will do so as it’s a basic requirement of any family tree building software.

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