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RM 8 Light Bulb Settings

Gossip (i.e. Facebook posts) speculated that RootsMagic 8 might have been nearing release. Thus, I feel like I need to spend more time in the preview version figuring out my ‘work flow’.

So, today, I created a new file from my RootsMagic 7 data file and saved it into my separate RM8 folder. When the file opened, I noticed a lot of the light bulbs were yellow and that I had green ‘temple’ icons.

When I clicked on one of the light bulbs, I discovered that My Heritage and Find My Past hinting was enabled.

I assumed that the ability to configure the light bulb hints would be in a Setting. Thus, I investigated the SETTINGS menu for my file. (Gear icon down left side of screen)

Program Settings

Folder Settings

General Settings

Display Settings


WebHints Setting

Latter-day Saints Settings

After looking thru the SETTINGS screens, I realized that I needed to change the Latter-day Saints Settings since I am not a member of their church. I removed the check marks by ‘Enabled’ and by ‘Check Duplicate ORDS’. This change removed the green temple icons from the pedigree screen.

The other change I made to settings was on the Web Hints screen. I removed the check marks by the My Heritage ‘Record Matches’ and ‘Smart Matches’ fields. I also made sure that there was a check mark by FamilySearch hints but not by Find My Past hints.

Now, when I click on a light bulb, it only gives me information for Ancestry and FamilySearch.

I am now more familiar with the SETTINGS screens. I also know how to manipulate which hints are pulled from the various sites.

New versions of almost any software can challenge users with a learning curve. I’m thankful that I have access to the preview version of RootsMagic 8 so that I can ‘play around’. Thus, I should be able to reduce my ‘learning curve’ when I am working with my actual data file.

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