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Lesson Learned

I believe someone once said that learning something new every day helps keep us ‘young.’ Well, if that is true, then my venture into RootsMagic 8 is going to help me stay young for quite some time.

I have been working thru my great aunts and uncles to recheck the information I have for them. In the process, I’m making sure that the sentences read correctly.

For my residence sentences based on census records, I opted to ‘write’ my sentence in the Description field and then just use the [Desc] for the sentence. This allowed me to recreate the sentences from TMG that used multiple ‘memo’ fields.

However, in RM8 I cannot get the Description field to expand. Thus, my long text does not show.

Since I have already customized the sentence for this fact, I can read the description in the sentence. Unfortunately, it would be tedious to try and edit this field since the entire field is not visible on the screen.

This limitation is causing me to ‘rethink’ these sentences.

To try and figure out how to resolve this issue, I searched the Facebook RootsMagic 8 Community Preview for ‘description.’ That’s when I discovered that there is a 100 character limit to the description field in a GedCom file.

This 100 character limit explains why my sentence solution is not actually a solution!

So, the solution I should be using is to put the bulk of the information in the NOTES field and have NOTES included in my narrative reports.

Working in RM8, I want to cut the information from the Description field and paste it into the Note field. I can use hot keys to select everything in the description field (CTRL-A), then CTRL-C to copy that information.

Then I can click on the NOTE field and use CTRL-V to paste that information.

Once the information is pasted into the NOTE field, it can be deleted from the description field by using CTRL-A to select all and then the delete key to remove the information.

Once the Description / Note issue is resolved, I need to correct the sentence. In RM7, I customized the sentence to only show the Description.

I need to return the sentence to its default format. With the ‘Edit Sentence’ window open, I simply have to click on the ‘Reset to Default’ button in the lower left corner of the window. That simple click changed the sentence back to the program’s original format.

To make sure the information I entered in the ‘NOTE’ field appears on the narrative report, I just need to make sure there is a check mark for ‘Include Notes’ on the narrative report settings.

The narrative report now has the default ‘resident fact’ sentence with the note field following the sentence.

Unfortunately, my new knowledge means I have some work ahead of me cleaning up these sentences in RM8.