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RM8 Ancestry Source

Have you ever documented how you add data and/or sources to your genealogy file? I have to admit that I have not spent much effort documenting my process.

However, I’m previewing RootsMagic 8 and am trying to figure out how my way of doing things in RootsMagic 7 translates to RM8.

One of my typical tasks is to work with Ancestry hints to add sourcing information to my RM tree. That process starts by clicking on a yellow light bulb. In RM8, clicking on the light bulb opens a small window, where I click on PENDING.

That opens the WebHints window which is similar to the window in RootsMagic 7.

Clicking on the number for the pending hints opens the ‘Ancestry WebHints’ window.

On this window, I typically click on the ‘Show on Ancestry’ button to open the selected individual on my Ancestry tree.

On the Ancestry page, I switch to the hints page.

I typically open the suggested hints in a new tab to evaluate the data. One of the suggested hints for Henry Jones is a marriage record in the source, Maryland, U.S., Compiled Marriages, 1655-1850.

In this case, I believe the record is for my Henry Jones, Thus, I want to create a marriage fact and add this source to the fact. Thus, back in RootsMagic, I open the Edit window for Henry Jones.

To add the Marriage fact, I click on the large + sign above the FACT area of Henry Jones’ edit window. This opens the list of Fact Types.

Typing ‘Marriage’ into the Search window pulls up just the Fact Types that contain the word ‘marriage’.

Selecting the Marriage Fact Type and clicking OK opens the window to select the spouse. (This is similar to RM7.)

Selecting Catherine Bovey as the spouse adds the Marriage fact to the time line with Catherine Bovey in the details area. Toward the right of the screen, the fields such as date and place are shown and are blank.

The date and place from the Ancestry record are entered into the Date and Place fields for the marriage fact on RootsMagic.

Next, I add the source. In RM8, I click on the > by SOURCES.

This opens the SOURCES window on the right side of the Edit window.

Clicking on the Add Source Citation opens a window to select a source or add a new source. I will first search for the source to see if it is already in my file. If I don’t find it, then I will use the ADD NEW SOURCE option. To look for an existing source, I know that I would have used MARRIAGE in the source name and that it should have ‘Marriage-MD’ in the source abbreviation. Thus, I will look for that in my list of sources.

That pulls up several options with the 4th on the list looking like it should be the Ancestry source. To be sure, I click on that source to view the footnote.

Then, I click on the NEXT button that opens the screen to ADD CITATION.

This window allows me to enter details regarding the source. It is also where the citation will be named.

Scrolling down on the ‘Add Citation’ window reveals the place where I can add a ‘Research Note’. This is similar to the ‘Detail Text’ area in RM7. My typical practice is to copy the info from the Ancestry screen and paste it into RM. Clicking on Research Note opens the EDIT NOTE window where I can paste the information. Because pasting lumps the information together, I also insert carriage returns so the information will be legible on the screen. In addition, I add a space after the colons. (OR – I can copy the text from Ancestry into Notepad and then copy from Notepad into RM8. Using Notepad keeps the line breaks and spacing and actually takes less time that doing the manual corrections.)

Clicking OK at the bottom of the window saves this information and returns to the Edit screen for the individual with the Edit Citation on the right.

Clicking on the large < symbol to the left of Edit Citation (top of right side) closes the citation screen and returns to the Sources screen.

Clicking on the large < to the left of SOURCES closes that window and returns to the FACT info. This window shows the sentence for the fact, and indicates that there is one source attached to this fact.

Since I want the marriage sentence to show on a narrative report, I share the marriage fact with the groom and bride. To do this, I click on the > to the right of SHARED. This opens the Shared With Window.

Clicking on the +Share Fact opens a window to search for those who share this fact. Typing the name in the search box narrows down the list of people to those with this name.

I then change the role to that of Groom for Henry Jones. When sharing the event with his wife, she will be assigned the role of Bride.

Now two people are listed as sharing the fact.

Then, on ANCESTRY, I will click on YES to add the source to my Ancestry tree.

To finish the process, I use TreeShare to UPLOAD information from RootsMagic to Ancestry. In this case, the Marriage fact has a pink source that could be uploaded.

Clicking on the source icon opens a window to compare the sources.

Since the sources are the same I will IGNORE the pink differences and click on the X to ‘Mark as Not Changed’.

Thus, I have the fact in RootsMagic with a source attached and the same source attached in Ancestry.