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RM8 Media

Do you use your genealogy software to attach media files? I have to admit that I’m not always consistent in the way I handle media files in RootsMagic.

The RM8 Community Preview group on Facebook had the following question posted that caused me to investigate how I’m attaching media.

Is there a way to see all of the media attached to a person like there is in RM7?


In the process of investigating this, I discovered my own inconsistent use of media. I first checked my grandfather, Leon Crawford, to see how media was showing up in my RM8 file. There is a media icon to the right of his name and to the right of most of the facts in his timeline.

When I clicked on the image icon to the right of his name, it displayed the images in a scrolling list to the right.

When an image is highlighted in the list, the file name, caption and other details are shown in the bottom half of the right side of the edit person window.

Scrolling down the list of media, I find a lot of images have been attached to my grandfather. However, the images from census pages are not shown in this list.

If I click on the media icon next to a residence fact, the census image appears in the Media window.

When I switched to one of my grandfather’s sisters, my lack of consistency was very apparent. There aren’t any media icons next to her facts! And there is only 1 media file attached to her name.

I’ve obviously only attached one media file to Bernice Crawford’s name. But what is going on with the facts? I’m fairly good at remembering to attach the file to the source. To investigate this, I clicked on the ‘Residence’ fact for 1910. That revealed that ZERO media files were attached to the fact.

Knowing that I typically attach media to a source, I clicked on the one source – and cannot tell whether media is attached.

Clicking ion the > to the right of the citation opens the screen to edit the citation.. I had to enlarge the Edit Person window in order to see the media details. Otherwise, I had to scroll down to locate the media information for the citation.

Clicking on the > to the right of Media opens the Media information

Clicking on the > to the right of the Media image opens the Edit Media window.

On the EDIT MEDIA screen, I can see that this media was tagged 10 times. Clicking on the > to the right of the TAGS opens the list of those tags.

This list of tags tells me that the image of the 1910 census was used in 9 citations for the 1910 census of Ford County, Kansas. In addition, it is attached to an event for Leon Russel Crawford. Since there is no EVENT tag for Bernice Crawford in this list, it isn’t appearing in the Media column for her 1910 Residence Event.

To add this media to Bernice’s event, I can click on the large + sign at the top of the list of tags.

That opens the ‘Add or Edit Media Tag’ Window. This window defaults to adding the media to a person. However, pulling down the Person tag type allows the selection of other ways to tag the media, including EVENT.

When EVENT is selected, the ‘Add or Edit Media Tag’ window changes to allow for the selection of a person and an event.

Clicking on the Select Person window opens RootsMagic Explorer. Here I can either scroll down to locate Bernice Crawford or Enter her name in the FILTER window at the top of the list of people. When using the filter, be sure to type the name in reverse order: last name, first name.

Highlight the correct person in the list.

And then click the SELECT button in the bottom right corner of the Explorer window. That places the person’s name in the Person window of the ‘Add or Edit Media Tag’ window.

Click on the Event box to open the list of events.

Select the desired event and click the OK button. Then decide whether this image is the primary photo for the event and whether to include it in the individual’s scrapbook. Since this is the only image attached to Bernice’s 1910 residence fact, I do want it as the primary photo. I don’t usually include images from sources in the scrapbook for the individual. But, this says “Include in scrapbook for this event.” Thus, I will have to investigate what an event scrapbook is. I will put a check mark here for now.

I had to close Bernice’s Edit Person window and reopen it to get the Media icon to appear for the 1910 residence fact.

Another way to add media for an event is directly from the Edit Person window. Clicking on the empty media square will open the Add Media window on the right side of the screen.

Clicking on Add Media opens the ‘Add Media’ window. If this is new media that has not been previously added, I can add it using the file name (or by browsing for the file).

Clicking on the icon to the right of the filename opens Windows File Eplorer allowing me to browse to the actual file.

However, I don’t want to add another copy of this media file. Instead, I need to select it from media that already exists in RootsMagic. Thus, I click on the Select Existing Media option.

My practice in RM7 was to click on the LIST icon. This placed the images in order by the file name. Since I developed the practice of naming my files with the following convention, date-source-type-surname-firstname, it was easy to scroll to the desired file.

In RM8, I don’t seem to be able to sort (or to quickly sort) the media when the list icon is selected.

Instead, I need to use the SEARCH window in the upper right corner of the ‘Add Media’ window.

This process requires me to KNOW the filename of the image I want to attach!

Working with the thumbnails will be next to impossible for me. First, I wasn’t always adding captions to my source images. Second, my captions are based on the source and not the individual in the image. Thus, I have quite a few images from the 1895 Kansas census for several counties. Looking at the thumbnails, I have NO IDEA which image shows the individual I am working with.

Thus, I will need to work with the list of files and not the thumbnails.

Even though the screens look different, RootsMagic 8 and RootsMagic 7 attach media in a similar fashion:

  • To the PERSON
  • To the EVENT
  • To the SOURCE

In RootsMagic 7, there is a Multimedia List Report. This report has LOTS of options

A similar report exists in RM8.

The report in RM8 not only lists the filenames but how those files are attached to the person. That information is not included in the RM7 report.

I obviously have data issues with my media files. When I try to create a multimedia list for Bernice with ‘Source Media Items’ selected I get media files that should not be attached to Bernice.

If I pick Citation Media Items instead of Source Media Items, the resulting report is even worse. I get pages and pages of files, most of which are citations NOT attached to Bernice. (These reports are similar in RM7.)

Another media report that can be printed is the SCRAPBOOK report. This report will ONLY include images that have been marked for inclusion in the scrapbook.

Besides working with Media on an individual basis, I can use the MEDIA menu item on the left side of the screen to work with ALL of my media files.

The three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the Media window opens the Media toolbar.

Although I could work my way thru fixing my media issues from this screen, I believe it will be easier to work with individuals.

Figuring out how RootsMagic 8 handles media has shown me that I have work to do. This includes:

  • Fixing broken links
  • Adding captions to media files
  • Adding media to events
  • Marking media for use in the scrapbook

I can do most of these tasks in RootsMagic 7. Thus, I have more work to do as I go back thru my tree.

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  1. great tutorial!! thanks – I fear I have some of the same issues you do. And I’m one of those “bad” people who uses TreeShare, so many of the images have the automatically generated filename, though using Everything software helps me find it easily. I also have files I’ve downloaded the traditional way linked to people and events, and they’re easier to identify because, like you, I have a system for naming them.

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