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DNA Stats

Have you tested your DNA? If so, do you keep track of the quantity of matches you have? I have to admit that I don’t pay a lot of attention to how many matches I have, especially since I can’t even keep up with those matches who share a common ancestor.

However, my recent Feedly content is prompting me to review those numbers.

I last looked at my number of DNA Matches in May of 2021.

Today, I’m going to follow Roberta Estes’ directions to see how many matches I have. Since I haven’t done autosomal testing with most of these companies, my results are based on my transferring my Ancestry DNA results to the various other companies.


Since my brother agreed to do a yDNA test, his account is our primary account on FamilyTreeDNA. Besides his yDNA test, I uploaded his Ancestry results to his account.

FamilyTree DNA – Brother 1

My account on FamilyTreeDNA shows that I have 7506 matches while my other brother has 6672 autosomal matches.


On MyHeritage, I have 16,218 DNA matches.

To see the number of matches for my brothers, I had to use the DNA menu to select ‘MANAGE DNA KITS’.

This opened the list of tests I manage on MyHeritage. To the right of each test is a series of 3 vertical dots. Clicking on those dots opens a menu allowing me to select ‘VIEW DNA MATCHES’ for that test.

Looking at my two brothers, brother 1 had 11,921 DNA matches while brother 2 has 11, 356 DNA matches


Of course, my Ancestry numbers don’t show! I’ve experienced this before and believe I have to clear the cache on my browser.

Ancestry- No Numbers

So, instead of clearing my cache, I tried a different browser. And my numbers show.

Me – Ancestry

But they didn’t show for my brothers. So, I cleared my cache and cookies and then rechecked each time to get their numbers

Brother 1 – Ancestry
Brother 2 Ancestry
Mom – Ancestry


MeBrother 1Brother 2Mom
FamilyTree DNA705175066672
Ancestry Total11619913106312048578163
Ancestry Close Matches3981499642202952
New close matches since 5/1/202112015613799
Ancestry 68 cm to 2000 cM47585061