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Descendancy Report

I recently got asked how I created the blog post, Descendants of Hiram Curry.

I have to admit that creating the report is relatively easy because I use genealogy software. My program of choice is RootsMagic but most other programs will also create descendancy reports.

The hardest part about creating this report is identifying the descendants and documenting their lives. Once I’m to the point that I want to post the report, I just let the software do the work.

These directions are for RootsMagic 7. I have played around with RootsMagic 8 which is a bit different in the way reports are created.

Before I create a descendancy report, I figure out how many generations I am willing to publish in my blog. Since my parents have living first cousins, I try to avoid including that generation in my report. Thus, I try to only publish from my starting ancestor down to my grandparents.

With my starting ancestor highlighted in Ancestry, I pull down the REPORT menu and select LISTS.

That causes the CREATE A REPORT window to open with the various types of list reports showing. For this report, I am using the DESCENDANT LIST report.

Clicking on the DESCENDANT LIST report and then on the CREATE REPORT button opens the REPORT SETTINGS window.

The settings in the above window are the settings I used to create the report. Below are screen shots of the other options available.

Once I have selected the settings, I click on GENERATE REPORT. That opens the report on my screen within RootsMagic.

I then click on the SAVE button at the top of the screen. This opens the SAVE REPORT options window. Here, I select the RICH-TEXT FILE (RTF) option.

This opens a window allowing me to save the file in my reports folder.

Once the file is saved, I locate it in my Reports folder and double-click the file name. That opens the file in Microsoft Word.

In Word, I select all of the text, copy it and then paste it into a new post on WordPress.

Again, RootsMagic 7 did all of the ‘work’ to create this report. Being able to create these reports is one of the many reasons I use genealogy software to maintain my records on my computer.

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  1. Aha, the “print lead dots before names” option is the game changer. I use Legacy Family Tree 9 and this option is not available on their reports. Now I have severe report envy!

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