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Software Challenge

Do you remember when Microsoft Word replaced ‘menus’ with the ‘ribbon’. If so, you likely also remember frustration tyring to figure out how to get this ‘new’ version of Word to do tasks that were simple before. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to play around in the new version of Word and Excel before having to use them in my work. I’m sure this overnight transition to the ‘ribbon’ added to my frustration.

That’s why I am thankful to be able to participate in the ‘review’ of RootsMagic 8. This transition from RM 7 to RM 8 will be similar to a transition from MS Word with menus to MS Word with the ribbon. With RootsMagic 8, the pull down menus are gone. Instead, the ‘menu headings’ are down the side of the screen. Clicking on any one of those headings opens up the respective window.

For the most part, everything is intuitive. That is until I’m trying to locate something and can’t remember how to get to it.

I had previously worked with creating a group in RootsMagic 8, and had even blogged about it in my RM8 Fact List Report post. So today, I created a group and then couldn’t figure out how to view who was included in that group.

Thankfully, the RootsMagic 8 Preview group on Facebook came thru with the answer. I had forgotten to look for that downward carrot symbol signaling a pull down menu. Thanks to the Facebook help, I easily found that pull down carrot. When clicked on, it revealed my list of groups.

Re-finding that pull down allowed me to select my newly created, Garrard County KY event group and browse the list of people in the group.

Even though I hadn’t found that pull-down carrot, I had checked a lot of the other places one can find menu options.

Three Vertical Dots

One of those places is a set of three vertical dots. When working with a list of people, clicking on those three dots opens an ‘options’ menu.

Besides the three dots associated with the Index, there are three dots associated with the pedigree window.

From that menu,

  • open a window showing the list of fact types
  • open a Search and Replace window
  • switch to the TASKS window and show the tasks for the highlighted person

At the very top of the program on the right side of the screen is another set of three vertical dots. Clicking on these dots opens a menu to access help, updates, support, etc.

People Menu Icons

In the upper right of the people screen are several icons. Clicking on those icons opens other menus.

WRENCH MENU – People screen

PENCIL MENU – People Screen

The Plus Sign icon and the Trash Can Icon are obvious. They open menus for adding or deleting people.

Command Palette

In the upper right corner of the screen is an icon that looks like a paint palette. This icon opens the command palette.

Learning to use RootsMagic 8 will require the willingness to look for and click on these various icons, including the upside down carrot.

Places Menu – Three Dots
Sources Menu – Three Dots
Media Menu – Three Dots
Tasks Menu – Three Dots
Addresses Menu – Three Dots
Search Menu – Three Dots
Publish Menu – Does NOT have a Three Dots menu

I’m enjoying this opportunity to explore RootsMagic 8. This ability to explore and learn without impacting my actual family tree is greatly appreciated. Even though the menus are different, there are features in RootsMagic 8 that I’m looking forward to being able to use. I will make the transition when the program is released.

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