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RM7 to RM8 Migration

Did you hear? RootsMagic 8 was officially released yesterday. For some RootsMagic 7 users, it is time to migrate to RootsMagic 8.

The migration process is very simple — IF — you know where your files are being stored and where you want RootsMagic 8 files stored. For those who don’t know where their files are being stored, the answer is in the settings for RM7.

In RootsMagic 7, pull down the TOOLS menu and select PROGRAM OPTIONS.

Once the Program Optioins window opens, click on FOLDERS in the left column. That will display the path or location where the various RootsMagic 7 files are stored. If you want to use these same folders, then either write down these paths or take a screen shot.

To maintain links to the media files, the folder for Multimedia files should be the same in RM8 as used in RM7. Since RM8 uses a different file extension for the data file, the same folder can be used. If backup software is used to backup or copy your RootsMagic data to the cloud or to an external hard drive, then either the same folders need used or the directions for the backup need amended to include the new locations.

Then in RootsMagic 8:

When opening the program without an open file, there are three ‘menu’ options down the left side of the screen: Home, File and Settings.

The SETTINGS menu allows you to configure the program settings and the default folders

The FOLDER SETTINGS is where the default locations are entered.

With the folder settings configured, click on FILE on the left to open the FILE MENU.

To get to the import menu, Click on the CREATE A NEW ROOTSMAGIC FILE.

For importing RM7 data, click on IMPORT from RootsMagic 1-7, GEDCOM or another Program to see the list of import options.

Click on RootsMagic 1-7. Note: RootsMagic will search you folder file for potential files to import. If the file is not listed, there is a ‘BROWSE FOR FILE’ option at the bottom of the screen.

IF the desired file is in the list, select it. This will open a new slide-out showing various places to store the RM8 file along with the option to browse for the destination at the bottom.

Clicking on the desired destination opens a Windows Explorer window providing the option to give the file a new name (as well as the ability to change the folder).

Once the file name and location has been verified (or changed), click the SAVE button.

Saving the file will prompt a ‘NEW FILE OPTIONS’ window to open.

Make desired changes to the NEW FILE OPTIONS and click the OK button. The import process will begin and the file will open.

It’s that simple. It is actually so easy to migrate from RM7 to RM8, that one could import a file to play with in RM8 while keeping their primary data in RM7. After learning how the program works, a new import could be done of the working RM7 file to make the permanent transition.

3 thoughts on “RM7 to RM8 Migration

  1. I have a RM7 installation code but none for RM8 despite being promised a free upgrade.
    What do I do?

    • Since I don’t work for RootsMagic, I cannot say for sure.

      I, too, purchased RM as an upgrade to RM7. I found my key stashed away in my email. Thus, I would suggest searching your email for RootsMagic or for key or for registration. If you still can’t find it, then I would suggest going to the following page:


      In the lower right corner of that page is a leave message button. I would use that button to leave your name, your email address, your mailing address and the fact that you can’t find your key. Watch for an email from RootsMagic about the issue.

      • Thanks for the info. I received the key from my supplier by email soon after making the post! Regards

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