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RM8 Troubleshooting

Are you a new user to RootsMagic 8? Have you discovered the various paths RootsMagic has provided to get help?

Yes, there is the RootsMagic Users group on Facebook that is a place to get a quick, simple answer. However, those answers get buried in comments making it difficult for others or even yourself to find them back. Some of the previewers of RM8 asked that a different tool be provided to users so that these discussions could easily be followed and searched.

RootsMagic responded with their new COMMUNITY – community.rootsmagic.com. This site can be found by pulling down the LEARN menu on the RootsMagic site and picking Online Community.

There is also a link to the Community on the Home Page of RootsMagic 8.

The site does require a user ID / password. By using this site to ask questions, everyone will be able to learn from the answers. AND, those questions and answers will be findable a week, month or year from now.

The online community is a great place to get help resolving simple issues. Hopefully, it will also revolve into a place to discuss various ways to utilize these new features in RM8.

However, there are times when RM8 crashes or generates error messages that require additional Technical Support. For those times, there is a link on the RM8 Home page to Technical Support.

This link opens the Technical Support site on RM.

The Online Support button will take you to the Support Wiki.

If the Wiki does not help with resolving the issue, then back on the Technical Support page is a button in the Lower right corner of the page to ‘LEAVE A MESSAGE’

This ‘Leave Message’ button may open to a CHAT window. When support isn’t available to chat, one can still enter a description of the problem and leave a message.

When I used this button to submit an issue I am having with TreeShare, I then received emails indicating that a ticket had been opened and with a link to that ticket.

I had to create a user ID and password to login to the support site to see my ticket.

Not only can I see my original ticket, but by logging in, I was able to add a screen shot showing the error messages that popped up. I was also able to add a comment today indicating that the recently released upgrade did not resolve the issue.

RootsMagic has provided us with these tools to allow us to not only help each other thru the community but to submit support issues to generate a support ticket. As we use these tools, may we also have the grace to recognize that all of those working to bring us RootsMagic 8 have been putting in untold hours to bring us this product.

Thus, I will wait patiently for my issue to be resolved.