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RM8 WebSearch

When transitioning to new version of software, do you ever discover a feature or tool that you didn’t realize was available in the older version? That’s me when it comes to the WebSearch feature. Now, that I’ve discovered it, I want to figure out how to put this tool to work for me.

There are at least two ways to access this tool. The first is via the Command Palette.

The second is via the WebSearch icon on the Search screen.

When WebSearch is opened, the list of individuals in the file is on the bottom half of the column with options, including a choice of search providers, at the top.

Typing in the name of an individual will narrow the list.

Clicking on a name (to highlight them) and then clicking on FIND button, will search the chosen provider and show results in the RM window. There is an option to show the results in a browser if desired.

RootsMagic has built in many of the major research sites including

  • Ancestry
  • FamilySearch
  • Find a Grave
  • Find My Past
  • Fold3
  • Genealogy Bank
  • Google
  • Bing
  • MyHeritage
  • Yahoo!

I can add additional sites to the list by clicking on Edit providers.

This opens a window to remove a standard provider or to add a custom search provider. Clicking the ADD button opens a window with instructions.

So, to add a site like Newspapers.com, I typed the following in the search bar: John Doe (1700-1800)

When the search completed, I located the URL in the top of my browser window.

I copied that URL into the box for the Search Results URL and put Newspapers.com in the Provider name box.

That added Newspapers.com to my list of providers. When I tried to search Newspapers.com, it did not work. I’m assuming that is because RootsMagic does not know my user ID and password for the site.

When I put a CHECK in the box for External Browser and re-ran the search, a new tab opened in my browser searching Newspapers.com for the selected individual.

Not only can I add another genealogy site, I can add specific databases. For example, I use the Kansas census records a lot. Those census records are in the Ancestry database, Kansas, U.S., State Census Collection, 1855-1925. So, I followed the same procedure, except that I had to put the name and birth year in the respective boxes.

Even though I didn’t have a ‘death’ date, the search of the database worked. I was able to show the results in the RM screen and in my browser.

So, what about you? Do you have favorite sites or databases that you regularly use? If so, you may find this tool very useful.