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Do you have one or more surnames occurring in multiple places in your tree? I know I have several Smith lines in my tree that may or may not be related to each other. Since Smith is a fairly common surname, it would not surprise me if they are separate lines.

However, when I encountered the MENTZER surname as a spouse in my BRILES research, I was surprised to find that it is likely a separate line. Japhet Mentzer who married Louisa Briles likely has Pennsylvania roots while my Mentzer line has Massachusetts roots.

Because of the possible connection between these two MENTZER lines, I’ve done more research on the spouse, Japheth Mentzer than I would normally do in my descendancy research. During that research I found the will of Japheth Mentzer.

Coffey County, Kansas
Record of Wills, Vol 4-6 1902-1919

Page 261
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In the Probate Court Within and For the County
Of Coffey and State of Kansas

In the Matter of the Estate of Japheth Mentzer deceased
Petition for Probate of Will

Comes now Jay Mentzer and respectfully re-
resents to said Probate Court that Japheth
Mentzer late of the County of Coffey State of
Kansas departed this lief on the 11th day of
February A.D. 1917 leaving a Last Will
and Testament which said Last Will
and Testament is attached hereto, marked
“Exhibit A” and made a part hereof.
The said Last Will and Testament has
been executed in all respects according
to law. And your petitioner further says
that the said Japheth Mentzer left surviving

Page 262
hime as his heirs at law, Louisa Mentzer age 70
Le Roy, Kansas. Maretta Gray, age 59, Le Roy
Kansas. William Mentzer, age 45, Le Roy
Kansas, Jay Mentzer, age 38, Le Roy,
Kansas, and John Mentzer, age 36, Le Roy
And your petitioner further says that at
the time of the execution of said Last
Will and Testament said Japheth Mentzer
was of sound mind and memory and not
under any restraint.
That is said Last Will and testament
the said Japheth Mentzer appointed as
Executors of the same Jay Mentzer and
John Mentzer of Coffey County, Kansas.
In consideration whereof, and to the end
that said will may be proved established
performed and admitted to probate, your
petitioner prays that the Court set a time for
the hearing of said petition and that upon
such hearing said Last Will and Testa
ment may be duly admitted to Probate,
and letters testamentary be issued to Jay
Mentzer and John Mentzer as executors of
said Last Will and Testament of Japheth Mentzer
Jay Mentzer

State of Kansas
Coffey County ss

Jay Mentzer of lawful
age, being duly sworn upon oath, says
that he signed the foregoing petition,
that he knows the contents thereof, and that
all the statements therein contained are
Jay Mentzer

Subscribed and sworn to before
me this 10th day of March AD 1917
(Seal) Marvin W Kelly
Probate Judge

Page 263

In the Name of the Benevolent
Father of All
I Japheth Mentzer of the County of Coffey
and State of Kansas, being of sound mem-
ory do make and publish this my last
Will and testament.
Item 1: I give and devise to my be-
loved wife Louisa Mentzer the
farm on which we now live
reside situate in Coffey County, Kansas con-
taining about five hundred and eighteen
(518) acres, during her natural life, also
the household goods furniture and pro-
visions also a gentle horse and buggy.
Item 2d: It is my will that my
just debts and funeral expenses be paid and that
my executor place an appropriate mon-
ument at the head of my grave, all
to be paid out of my personal property,
any money I may have on hand to
be used first, or so much thereof as
may be necessary.
Item 3rd: I give and bequeath to
my daughter, Maretta Gray
One hundred dollars. I
have previously provided for my said dau-
ghter Maretta Gray by giving her the
sum of ten thousand dollars.
Item 4: I give devise and bequeath
to my son William
Mentzer the sum of five
($5.00) dollars having previously provided
for him by giving him the sum of
Twenty three hundred ($2300.00) dollars,
which was used in buying the
“Klock farm” for said William Mentzer.
Item 5: The balance of my per-
sonal property including
farm implements,
stock and money (if any) I devise
and bequeath to my two sons
namely Jay Mentzer and John Mentzer
share and share alike.
Item 6: It is desire that they
the said Jay Mentzer and

Item 264
John Mentzer remain on the farm with my
said wife and take care of said farm and
stock and handle same to the best advantage
without interfering with the rights of
my said wife in said farm during her nat-
ural life.
Item 7: At the death of my said wife,
the real estate aforesaid, I
give and devise to my sons Jay Mentzer and
John Mentzer and their heirs.
Item 8: It is my will that my
said sons Jay Mentzer and
John Mentzer carefully look
after and care for my said wife and
assist here and see that she is made
comfortable also pay her doctor bills, ex-
penses of her last sickness, also her funeral
expenses and place an appropriate monu-
ment at the head of her grave.
Item 9: The Real Estate hereby de-
vised to my said wife
Louise Mentzer during her
natural life, and to my sons Jay Mentzer
and John Mentzer in fee at her decease
is situated in Coffey County Kansas and
described as follows to wit the south half of
Section thirty two (32) in township twenty two
(22) of Range fifteen (15) also the north half
and southwest quarter of the south west
quarter of Section thirty three (33) in town-
ship twenty two (22) of Range fifteen (15) also
the north half of the North east quarter of
section five (5) in Township Twenty-three (23)
of range fifteen (15) and ten (10) acres in the
north east corner of northwest quarter of said
section five 5) in Township twenty three (23)
of range fifteen (15) North of S Big Creek
Item 10: I hereby nominate and ap-
point Jay Mentzer and John
Mentzer executors of this
my last will and testament.
I hereby revoke all for-
mer wills by me made.
In testimony hereof I have
hereunto set my hand, and seal this
5 day of July 1902
Japheth (His mark) Mentzer
Witness to mark of
Japheth Mentzer
G. N. MConnell
S. J. Neiberger

Signed and acknowledged
by said Japheth Mentzer as his last
will and testament in our pres-
ence and signed by us in his
presence and in the presence of each
other and at his request as witnesses
G. N. McConnell
S. J. Neiberger

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