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RM8 Blank Facts

Are you a fast clicker in RootsMagic 8? Do you quickly transition from entering the date and place for a fact to entering the source for that fact? I’ve found that at times I working with a source and do quickly move from the fact to the source. And at times, this causes me to have errors in my data. If I’m too quick and forget a step, then I get a blank fact with an attached source

Sometimes, I catch the blank fact and get it corrected right away. However, there are times when I don’t realize my mistake causing this blank fact to become part of my tree. These ‘blank facts’ are obvious when doing TreeShare.

In the above image, I have a fact on the RootsMagic side that shows a blank (yellow) date and place but a pink source.

These blank facts are NOT an issue with the RootsMagic software. My process of entering the data is the cause.

Since TreeShare makes them obvious, I can also fix them from TreeShare by clicking on the EDIT ROOTSMAGIC PERSON button. This opens the Edit screen for the individual. Looking at the list of facts, I can see the RESIDENCE fact toward the bottom of the list of facts that has a source (pen icon) and no date or place.

Clicking on that fact, shows that no information has been entered for the date or place fields. I can also see that a source has been attached to this ‘blank’ fact.

Clicking on the source, opens the source and allows me to see the ‘research note’ for the citation. This note reveals the information that should have been entered for the date and place.

Since I can see the information that should have been entered for the residence fact, I can go back and enter that information. Once the data is entered, I need to remember to click the CHECK MARK in the upper right corner of the window.

Once I’ve clicked that check mark and closed the individual’s window, I’m back to TreeShare. Now the fact now contains a data and place making it different than other residence facts already uploaded. Thus, I can upload it to Ancestry.

Since I’ve encountered this issue several times, I’ve also figured out what I’m doing wrong.

I’m forgetting to click the Check Mark to save the data in the date/place fields before trying to add the source information.

After figuring out that I wasn’t clicking the check mark, I’ve paid more attention when entering data to make sure I’m not creating those blank facts.

The lesson that I evidently still need to learn is to slow down and click the check mark.