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Old Research

Have you been researching your family for several years? Do you happen to have old handwritten notes. I have to admit that I have such records and sometimes even run across source citations that are likely from my PAF days.

As I was researching the descendants of William and Polly (Evans) Thompson, I ran across some of those old notes. One was a note was for a marriage source for three of William’s children.

Even though this was an OLD note, it did give me information to locate my notes:

Instead of having this separate NOTE fact, I want to attach this source to the marriage fact. Since I didn’t do a good job of recording the information about this book, I need more information to create the citation. Fortunately, I do have enough information to locate the book in World Cat.

This allowed me to create a citation and attach it to the marriage fact for the three couples.

Daughters of the American Revolution Iowa Society, Elizabeth Ross Chapter (Ottumwa, Iowa), Marriage Records of Wapello County, Ottumwa, Iowa (Iowa: Iowa DAR, maybe 194), pages 35, 103, 104.

And, I can now delete the NOTE fact found attached to each of the people mentioned in the source.

In the past, I’ve just corrected these NOTE facts as I’ve encountered them. However, RootsMagic provides a report that would allow me to find those notes and thus update them. That report is the FACT LIST report. In the settings for this report, I simply need to select the NOTE Fact Type.

If I leave the ‘Include’ set to EVERYONE, I get a report over 25 pages in length. However, I can use my marked groups to create a report for a section of my file. For example, the image above shows the settings to create the report using the group that contains the descendants of William and Polly Thompson. Thus, I get a more manageable list of notes to update.

Getting all of these notes cleaned up will take quite a bit of time. Perhaps this needs to be one of my goals for 2022.

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