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Blogging Goals

When you were in high school did you think of yourself as a writer? I know that I definitely did NOT visualize myself as a writer. I remember a time during my career when I was composing a letter thinking I never would have imagined having to do so much writing in my career. And I have to admit that during that career, I became pretty good at technical writing – or writing those directions.

And then came 2021 when I published a blog post almost every day. When the year started, I didn’t have any specific blogging goals. My goal was to blog more consistently. To help me achieve that goal, I decided to

  • share family pictures in ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts
  • use Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun as a blogging prompt for Sundays – prompts posted on Saturday evening on Randy’s Genea-Musings site)
  • use Amy Johnson Crowe’s 52 ancestors in 52 weeks blogging prompts for Saturday posts. (2021 Themes)

Since I’m not a ‘creative’ writer, I found the 52 ancestors writing prompt difficult at times. Thus, I quit worrying about using that prompt and just blogged from my research activities.

What helped me accomplish these blogging goals was learning to SCHEDULE my blog posts. Instead of writing every day, I simply wrote when I had something to share. Unsure of the ‘best’ time to post, I decided to make my posts available at 6:45 am central time. I kept a simple calendar in my bullet journal where I would write down (in pencil) the title of a post for when I planned to have it published. Sometimes I found writing a post that would be of little value several days out. When this happened, I scheduled that time sensitive post for the next day and moved all the scheduled posts to make room for this timely post. Thus, the need for using pencil to fill in my calendar.

As I determine my 2022 genealogy goals, I’m also setting some blogging goals. For 2022, I’m going to have specific ‘topics’ for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Friday Finds — pulling information to share from my digital and paper files from the early days of my research
  • Saturday Tidbits — sharing historic articles from local (Nemaha county) newspapers (where I currently live) and possibly from Yates Center, Dodge City and other papers where my ancestors lived
  • Sundays — Saturday Night Genealogy Fun prompts
  • Monday thru Thursday — sharing my current genealogy activities