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2022 Goals

Since I completed the bulk of my 2021 goals in October, I’ve had a couple of months to contemplate my 2022 goals. Having this much time to think about where I want to go with my research in 2022 has resulted in quite a few goals.

Descendancy Research

During 2021, I researched descendants of my 3rd great grandfathers down to my grandparents on my dad’s side of the tree. Thus, my 2022 goal is to finish this research for my mom’s side of the tree.

  • Alexander Briles
  • William Thompson
  • John Lewis Ricketts
  • Samuel Christy
  • Phillip Mentzer
  • John Minnick
  • Ozias Wells
  • Lewis Crandall

Narrative Reports

During 2021, I completed narrative reports for my 2nd great grandparents. For 2022, I want to work on publishing these narrative reports along with transcribing deeds and wills for my 3rd great grandparents along with my Duggins step-sons of James Crawford.

  • Nelson Crawford and Martha Smith
  • Zebulon Foster and Caroline Ostrander
  • Horatio Hammond and Louisa Fisk
  • James Barr Ralston and Nancy Jane McCormick
  • Hiram M. Currey (of Peoria) and Rachel Harris
  • Henry F Burke and Elizabeth Ann Bland
  • Aaron Hutchinson and Sarah Merry
  • William Gillies Harding and Elizabeth Fowler
  • Alexander Briles and Sarah Rush
  • William Taylor Thompson and Polly Ann Evans
  • John Lewis Ricketts and Orilda Matilda Reed
  • Samuel Christy and Lyda Gallimore
  • Phillip Andrew Mentzer and Orinda Miles
  • John Minnick and Elizabeth Mary Jones
  • Ozias Wells and Mary Kennedy
  • Lewis Crandall and Almira Nafus
  • William Duggins
  • Henry Duggins

Friday Finds

Not only do I still have file folders containing unscanned documents, but I have lots of folders full on scanned images of research done years ago.

For this goal, I plan to work thru one folder at a time, reviewing the information, transcribing as needed and making sure a source citation is in my genealogy file when appropriate.


Since it has been a year since I’ve actively researched my Crawford family and their Garrard County FAN club, I plan to continue this research. I’m going to start by extracting information for Garrard county deeds from the book, Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds by Willard Rouse Jillson. Since the data is not organized by county, I’m searching for deeds on Sugar Creek, Paint Lick Creek and Clear Creek. I’m using these creeks because they are the creeks named in the deeds for the CRAWFORD families in early Garrard County, Kentucky: Rebekah Crawford, Mary Crawford and James Crawford.


To make sure I have a ‘backup’ of my blog posts, I have started printing each post as a PDF file. However, I have a lot of older posts that still need ‘printed’. Thus, I would like to get all of my posts printed so that I can have a ‘backup’ copy outside of WordPress.

FamilySearch Memories

After seeing the destruction caused by the recent spat of tornadoes and seeing pictures carried hundreds of miles, I want to work my way thru my family notebooks to make sure the documents and pictures are uploaded as memories to FamilySearch.

These are ambitious goals! Will I achieve all of them? That’s doubtful — but I plan to try.

3 thoughts on “2022 Goals

  1. Marcia, I use blog2print. For $9.95 per file, I create 2 PDFs covering 6 months each and have the posts all saved together.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I tried it out yesterday and had to limit it to 4 months of my 2021 blogs. Blog2Print does provide a quick economical option. I also played around with the setting to limit the selection of posts by topics. Unfortunately, creating a ‘book’ of my Crawford posts over the history of my blog didn’t work because it was too much info for one book. I’ll have to revisit that and use a smaller time period.

      Thanks again for the suggestion!

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