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Lester Haug May Become a Pilot

Nemaha County Kansas

Saturday Tidbit

Courier Tribune March 6, 1939

Lester Haug May Become a Pilot

Named with 19 K.U. Men to Civilian Air Corps

A distinguished record in the School of Engineering at K.U., as well as ability to pass a special examination has gained Lester Haug, Seneca, admission to a select group of 20 men who are privileged to take the government’s civilian air pilot course now being organized in colleges as part of the scheme of national defense.

Haug has been so busy in his engineering studies, engineering societies and military work in the Reserve Officer’s Training Corps, that flying may crowd him for time but it is believed here he would not have taken the examination if he had not had serious intention of pursuing it. Haug is majoring in the field of sanitary engineering.

The 20 students first must take ground school work, a five-hour course in meteorology, air commerce regulations and navigation under the direction of college mechanical engineering department.

Haug entered K.U. in 1935. He has served as president of the Engineering Council, is a member of Sigma Tau, Scabbord and Blade, American Society for Testing Materials and the American Society of Civil Engineers. He married Miss Betty Wempe last Thanksgiving.

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