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Crawford yDNA

In your genealogy research have you have someone in your tree do a yDNA test? If so, did you join the surname project associated with that test?

Hoping that yDNA would help me get my CRAWFORD research out of Kentucky, I talked my brother into swabbing his cheeck. It was five years ago when his test was added to the Crawford DNA project. At first, he was placed in the R1b-01Ungrouped section of the project. Over the past five years, his test has been upgraded to BigY and we are now part of the R1b-01A  Ardmillan group. Technically this is defined as (BY226182) and closer branches – A13336 > (BY21624 > BY226182? *OR* Y88686 > FT344803?), and generally DYS460=12.

Our haplogroup is R-Y88686. This group includes a descendant from the following lines:

  • James Crawford born about 1772 in Virginia; married Sally Smith Duggins in 1799 in Garrard County, Kentucky; migrated to Preble County, Ohio, where he died in 1854. Known children include Polly Stoner and Nelson G. Crawford.
  • James Crawford born Dec 1770 in Augusta County, Virginia; married March 1793 in Lincoln County, Kentucky; owned land in Barren County, Kentucky prior to moving to Preble County, Ohio. From Preble County, Ohio, James and his family moved to Warren County, Indiana where he died in 1833. Known Children include Elizabeth Jane Lincoln, Sarah Shankland, John Douglass Crawford, William Allen Crawford, Mary Polly Swank, Nancy Pugh, James Sellers Crawford, Rebecca Hatton, Harvey Harrison Crawford, Celinda French.
  • James Crawford born about 1758 in Augusta County, Virginia and died in 1836 in Jefferson County, Indiana. James married Rebecca Anderson Maxwell in 1779 in Montgomery County, Virginia. James owned land along Paint Lick Creek in Garrard County, Kentucky. James and his family moved from Kentucky to Jefferson County, Indiana. Known children include Anne Creath, William Crawford, Mary “Polly” Guthrie, Isaac Crawford, James Maxwell Crawford, Elizabeth Vawter, Jane Hall, and Cynthia Crafton.
  • William Nelson Crawford born in 1829 in Ohio. In 1864, he married Julia Decious in Lassen, California. By 1877, the family had moved to Grand Dalles, Klickitat County, Washington. William died in 1907 in Klickitat County, Washington. Known children include Minnie Julia Saxton, John C. Crawford, William Harvey Crawford, Mary P. Crawford and James Crawford.

The three James Crawfords in the R-Y88686 haplogroup are all found in the area of Garrard County, Kentucky prior to 1800. Even though these families seem to cross paths with descendants of Alexander Crawford and Mary McPheeters Crawford, they are not the sons (or grandsons) of Alexander Crawford.

I believe that Alexander and Mary’s son, James, is the Rev James Crawford, who was the pastor of Walnut Hill church outside of Lexington. This James Crawford was born about 1752/3 in Augusta County making him 11 years old at the time of Alexander and Mary’s deaths. The Rev. James Crawford died in 1803 in Fayette County, Kentucky. According to several genealogies, his wife was Rebecca McPheeters. I believe their children are Martha McPheeters, Alexander Crawford, Mary Crawford, Elizabeth Galloway, Sarah Crawford and Rebecca Crawford. As a Presbyterian pastor, Rev. James Crawford of Fayette County, KY could possibly be the Rev. James Crawford mentioned in Garrard County histories.

According to Find a Grave records, the James Crawford who died in Jefferson County, Indiana served in the revolutionary war. However, the DAR has closed this line until someone can provide additional proof of his service. When I first started researching him, a request for his military file produced documents referring to both him and to another James Crawford.

This James Crawford was also born about 1758 in Virginia and died in 1836 – in Fleming County, Kentucky. In 1786, he married Sarah Vansant in Botetourt County, Virginia. I believe his children include Jane Hamlett, Mary Keeney, Alexander Crawford, Ann Barton, Sarah Cochran, John Crawford, Henry Crawford, Margery Kenny, Josiah Crawford, Samuel Crawford and Joshua Crawford.

So far, yDNA hasn’t broken down my brick wall. However, it does support what I and others have believed for a long time: the James Crawfords with Garrard County Kentucky ties are all related — somehow.

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