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Census Mystery

Have you ever gone back over census research in a particular county? I have to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever gone back to make sure I can identify everyone of a particular surname in a county — until recently.

While working on updating the narrative reports for Nelson G. Crawford and his wife Martha Smith, I discovered several documents involving their children that I’m transcribing for my Friday finds posts. Knowing that I have already researched the two Crawford families in Warren County, Indiana, I decided to look at the 1850 census to see if it would reveal anything new about these families.

Instead of learning much new about the two families, I discovered TWO NEW FAMILIES along with three other individuals.

While I might be able to place Rebecca Crawford and Harvy Crawford in the families of James and Martha Crawford, I cannot place Martha Crawford in either the James Crawford or the Nelson Crawford families. And I have no idea how the Robert Crawford and Susan Crawford families might connect.

The Robert Crawford household is listed on image 11 of the 1850 Warren County, Indiana census in Mound Township.

The Susan Crawford family is listed on image 20 living on the 1850 census living in Pine Township of Warren County, Indiana.

So, I now have two families living in Warren county, Indiana that I can’t connect to my existing research. A search of the 1860 census records for the Crawford surname in Warren County, Indiana did not help figure out this mystery. With the exception of one family, the John H Crawford family, I can identify all of the other Crawfords as members of the James Crawford or the Nelson Crawford family. Digging around on FamilySearch, I found a John H Crawford (KLRJ-B8B) that seems to match the census record. Unfortunately, this FS record does not have parents for John H Crawford. However, there is another John Harvey Crawford (KZ2K-NW1) with a wife named Mary J that is identified as the son of John Douglas Crawford. And, John Douglas Crawford is the son of James and Martha Knight Crawford. Thus, it is possible that the John H Crawford listed in the 1860 census is the grandson of James Crawford and thus tied to my research.

Since the 1860 census didn’t reveal more about the Richard Crawford and Susan Crawford families, I turned to the 1840 census. And I can identify all of the Crawford families except one, Robert Crawford.

Since Robert Crawford had a son named Jacob and Susan had a son named Lemuel, I tried to locate the families on FamilySearch and in public trees on Ancestry. And so far, I haven’t been able to find any tree that matches the families shown in the 1850 census records.

Another thing I learned from this review of the 1850 Warren County, Indiana census records: there were TWO Washington Crawfords born about 1838. One is listed in the household of Susan Crawford and the other is my ancestor, Washington Marion Crawford who is listed as Marion Crawford in the household of Nelson Crawford. This likely explains why my ancestor used his middle name, Marion, on many records. Thankfully, I have quite a few records linking my ancestor to Nelson and Martha Crawford.

Now, I have two Crawford families that may be related to one of the identified lines, but I haven’t been able to locate other researchers of these families. Can you help? Have you seen these families in your research?

Robert Crawford family living in Mound Township, Warren County, Indiana in 1850

  • Robert Crawford – 40 year old farmer born in Ohio
  • Hannah Crawford – 33 year old female born in Ohio
  • Jane Crawford – 12 year old female born in Indiana
  • Jacob Crawford – 8 year old male born in Indiana
  • James Crawford -6 year old male born in Indiana
  • Nancy Crawford – 2 year old male born in Indiana

Susan Crawford family living in Pine Township, Warren County, Indiana in 1850

  • Susan Crawford – 50 year old female born in Pennsylvania
  • Thomas Crawford – 34 year old male farmer born in Pennsylvania
  • Andrew Crawford — 28 year old male carpenter born in Ohio
  • Lemuel Crawford – 24 year old male carpenter born in Ohio
  • Jane Crawford – 18 year old female born in Ohio
  • Robert Crawford – 16 year old male farmer born in Ohio
  • Washington Crawford – 12 year old male born in Ohio

3 thoughts on “Census Mystery

  1. I have two Robert Lannings in Jackson Township, Blackford County, Indiana, and for the life of me can’t find anything that connects them. Seems just a coincidence. Maybe those Crawfords are simply not connected?

  2. I cannot help with your Crawford families, sorry. But you have given me an idea for researching a couple of my brick walls. Both have common surnames and what I will do is look at every family in the probable county, and surrounding counties, and maybe tracing those families will help resolve my brick walls. Thanks for the idea, and thanks for sharing.

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