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Where’s My Irish?

Are you Irish? Do you have any Irish ancestors in your tree? Although I haven’t proven a connection to Ireland, I have a few lines that hint at originating in Ireland.

However, when I look at my recent ethnicity on the DNA tests I manage, the Irish is hard to find.


Brother #1

Brother #2

And – finally some Irish in my mother’s test.

Even though I think I might have Irish roots on both sides of my tree, those roots are at least 6 or 7 generations back. Thus, it is understandable that finding IRISH in my DNA would be difficult.

How about you? Can you find your Irish?

3 thoughts on “Where’s My Irish?

  1. As a redhead with green eyes, people have always told me that I’m Irish. My father told me I was Scottish. My sister went to Scotland, looked at the people, and decided that we really were Scottish. I don’t know any immigrant ancestors on Dad’s side, but we definitely seem to be Scots-Irish, due to our names and our Appalachuan roots and attitudes. As for DNA, Ancestry gives me 10% Irish. Living DNA gives me 7%. I’ll take it!

  2. I have not found any Catholic Irish, but plenty of Protestant Irish. My father always wore orange on St. Patricks Day, I’m not sure anyone outside the family noticed.

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