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Anniversary Party

Have you ever wanted a quick, easy way to build a F.A.N (friends, acquaintances and neighbors) club list? If so, have you tried the ‘Local News’ columns in the newspapers? I just found a story about a 25th anniversary party for Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Mentzer.

Sunday, March 28th, being the 25th anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Mentzer of West Center, their relatives, friends and neighbors to the number of one hundred and twenty gathered at their home and with well filled baskets helped them to celebrate the event. A bounteous dinner was served cafeteria style by the guests to which all did justice. Music was furnished by the young people and just before leaving, Mr. R. V. Green, in behalf of all present, presented a plate of silver to Mr. and Mrs. Mentzer to be used as a remembrance of the occasion. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Mentzer, C. O. Mentzer, Ike Terrill,, Clint Wells, Frank Dawson, J. Jackson, E. E. Mentzer, J. W. Williams, P. E. Mentzer, H. A. Mentzer, H. A. Wrampe, Lee Easum, H. K. Weide, Wesley Weide, Harry Bacon and families, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Vaughn, Ed Lewis, Chris Herold, Lewis Wrampe, Van Valkenburg, R. V. Greene, Mrs. Emma Mentzer, Mary Horney, Susie Cope, Grace Mentzer, Misses Catherine Lewis, Lulu Herold, Mary, Alvena and Emma Wrampe, Flossie VanValkenburg, and M. E. Minnick Mr. August Wrampe, Logan Lewis, Lee Horney, Ed Herold, Clarence Wrampe, Harry Easum, Paul Weide, Arthur Bacon, John and Leon VanValkenburg and Judge Cope.

“Clubs and Society,” Woodson County Advocate (Yates Center, Kansas), 2 April 1920, page 8; digital image, Newspapers.com (www.newspapers.com : viewed online 3 April 2022).