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Seriously Burned

Do you remember being told as a child to not play with matches or to stay away from the stove? While our lifestyles have gotten safer, it is still possible for a child to get burned.

While researching my RALSTON line, I discovered a newspaper article about a cousin who did get too close to ashes.

Seriously Burned
While playing in their playhouse last Tuesday one of Mr. Lighter’s little girls living west of town and south of the river had the misfortune to accidentally get severely burned. She had gone to the ash pile to get some ashes which were to be used as pepper in the playhouse and while sitting down getting the ashes her dress caught fire and she did not know it until a blaze was discovered. She started to run to the house but her father met her, picked her up and put her in a water tank. This put out the fire but not before she was considerably burned.

“Seriously Burned,” Dodge City Reporter (Dodge City, Kansas), 26 January 1900, page 5; digital images, Newspapers.com (www.newspapers.com : viewed onlin3 14 May 2022

A couple of weeks later, little Ruth Elva Lighter died from being burned.

W. E. Lighter’s Little Girl Died Last Saturday

Two weeks ago today the Reporter contained an account of the burning of W. E. Lighter’s little girl. She was brought to town whee she could be near the attending physician who gave all the medical assistance possible, but to no avail. Last Saturday morning she died.
Her name was Ruth Elva Lighter and she was six years and one month of age.
This unfortunate little girl at the time was burned had just recovered from a bad case of the measles and this was the first day she had been allowed to play out doors. She had not been out thirty minutes when her clothes caught fire and burned her so badly as to cause her death.
The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the Presbyterian church conduced by Rev. William Westwood. The remains were interred in the G.A.R. cemetery west of town.

“W. E. Lighter’s Little Girl Died Last Saturday,” Dodge City Reporter (Dodge City, Kansas), 9 February 1900, page 5; digital images, Newspapers.com (www.newspapers.com : viewed online 14 May 2022).

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