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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

 It’s Saturday Night – 

time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:

1)  What genealogy search/research did you do last week?  Did you have a research goal or plan?  Tell us about one or more search/research session.

Welcome back Randy! I am very thankful that your surgery was successful and that your recovery is going smoothly. For those who are unaware, Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings shares these blogging prompts every Saturday evening. Randy’s favorite hobby of genealogy was interrupted when he needed open heart surgery.

While Randy is receiving care at home for his continued recovery, his time spent in front of his desktop computer is limited. Like Randy, I like to be in front of my desktop computer to do serious research. While I like having the portability of my laptop for travel, I find that I don’t like to use it in my living room for two reasons: access to files and screen space.

I know that I could store all of my genealogy files on a portable hard drive that I could use on both my desktop and my laptop. I could even use the software, Second Copy, to copy those files to my desktop overnight so they could automatically get backed up in the cloud.

I haven’t pursued the portable drive idea because I still have the screen size issue to deal with. If I was in Randy’s situation where I had to spend time away from a desk, I would likely think about a long HDMI cable to connect my laptop to our television. I would also have my husband scrounge the house for a small monitor that could be turned into a living room TV so that I could still watch TV while using the big screen as a computer monitor.

Getting back to the ‘Saturday Night Genealogy Fun’ challenge, I have to admit I don’t keep a log of my research. Thus, I’m relying on my memory for this post.

One of my goals for 2022 was to finish researching descendants of my 3rd great grandparents. I’m happy to report that I’m working on the last great-great-great-grandfather, Ozias Wells. Most of my recent work on this goal has been the children, grandchildren, etc. of Ozias’ third child, William Wallice Wells (1823-1907). This research is time consuming but I hope that it helps identify DNA cousins.

During the past week I watched several genealogy videos on YouTube. One of those was Genealogy TV’s recent video, Ancestry ThruLines: How to Use It for Your Family History. While I had worked with my ThruLines matches before, watching this video prompted me to take another look at my George MENTZER ThruLines to see if I could identify any new cousins. I concentrated on my MENTZER line because I will be meeting some of those third cousins at a reunion next week.

In preparation for that reunion, I also spent time going thru family pictures to find the ones I wanted to take with me to the reunion. Although I contemplated printing reports or previous blog posts, I doubt that I will do so. Instead, I’m thinking about creating a “business card” with my Facebook name, Ancestry user name, tree name and the URL of my blog. This would allow them to access the family information I’ve shared online at their leisure.

Since I will be traveling for the reunion and other events this next week, I’ve also been writing blog posts and scheduling them to be published for the next week and into the following week. Thus, I can keep my blog updated and enjoy my time away.

That’s my week — mostly plodding along updating research. How about you? Did you have any major breakthroughs this past week?

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  1. Have fun at your family reunion. It’s neat that you are meeting up with third cousins. Stay safe, too!

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