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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

It’s Saturday Night – 

time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:

1)  Who is in your paternal grandfather’s matrilineal line (i.e., the mother of your paternal grandfather, and her mother, etc.)

  • My paternal grandfather is Leon Russel Crawford. Leon was born in Dodge City, Kansas in 1894 and died in Dodge City in 1976. He is the son of Judson Foster Crawford and Josie Winifred Hammond.
  • Josie Winifred Hammond was born 9 Feb 1874 in Knoxville, Knox County, Illinois and died 27 Sep 1954 in Dodge City, Kansas. She married Judson Foster Crawford in 1890 in Dodge City, Kansas. Josie is the daughter of Richmond Fisk Hammond and Sarah Ellen Ralston. ThruLines indicates that I have 12 DNA matches with descendants of Josie. (Note: This includes my two brothers.)
  • Sarah Ellen Ralston was born in 1849 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania and died in 1892 in Dodge City, Kansas. She married Richmond Fisk Hammond in 1867 in Knoxville. Sarah is the daughter of James Barr Ralston and Nancy Jane McCormick. Ancestry’s ThruLines indicates that I have 13 matches with descendants of Sarah Ellen Ralston
  • Nancy Jane McCormick was born in 1818 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and died in 1907 in Grundy County, Iowa. About 1836, she married James Barr Ralston in Pennsylvania. Nancy Jane McCormick is the daughter of James B. McCormick and Sarah Hall. Ancestry’s ThruLines indicates that I have 38 DNA matches with descendants of Nancy Jane McCormick.
  • Sarah Hall was born about 1789 in Pennsylvania. According to FamilySearch, she died in Woodville, Sandusky County, Ohio. Marriage information for Sarah Hall and James B. McCormick has not been found. Sarah was the daughter of David Hall, Senior and Jane Jackson. (Note: I have not done much research on Sarah or her ancestry. I am pulling information about her and her ancestors from the FamilySearch tree. Sarah’s ID on FamilySearch is LHS3-S56.) Ancestry’s ThruLines indicates that I have 35 DNA matches with descendants of Sarah Hall (even though I had 38 matches with her supposed daughter, Sarah Hall.)
  • According to FamilySearch, Jane Jackson was born about 1765 in Ireland and died about 1849 in Akron, Summit County, Ohio. Jane married David Hall about 1781. FamilySearch indicates that Jane is the daughter of John Crieve Jackson and Agnes McIntyre. Ancestry’s ThruLines indicates I have 37 matches with descendants of Jane Jackson
  • According to FamilySearch Agnes McIntyre was christened 21 May 1749 in Perth, Scotland and died in 1818 in Apollo, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. FamilySearch indicates that Agnes McIntyre and John Crieve Jackson were married 28 Jan 1766 in Carrickfergus, Antrim, Northern Ireland. FamilySearch lists Agnes McIntyre’s parents as Adame McIntyre and Janet Irvine.
  • According to FamilySearch. Janet Irvine was born in 1711 in Perth, Scotland. No death information is listed for Janet. FamilySearch indicates that Janet Irvine married Adame McIntyre in 1736 in Perth Scotland. No parents are identified for Janet Irvine.

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  1. I’m impressed. this line is really long compared to the other SNGF entries this week.

    • Yes – BUT — part of the line is ‘according to FamilySearch’ and NOT researched by me. Thus, it isn’t as impressive.

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