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Have you heard the term, Future Proofing, in relation to genealogy? If so, have you done anything to future proof your work?

I’ve shared my research in a variety of ways over the years. In the past, this has included creating printed versions to share with local genealogy societies and uploading a gedcom to FamilySearch and other sites. I’ve also maintained a public tree on Ancestry.

During the past few years, I’ve been sharing a lot of my research on this blog. One of my 2022 goals was to get ‘print outs’ of my blog posts to help preserve those posts for the future. Thanks to comments made by Linda Stufflebeam pointing me to the Blog2Print site, I’m going to achieve this goal.

While this ‘preserves’ my blog in the form of PDF files, those files are not preserved unless I share them elsewhere. One place I hope to share those files is on Archive.org. The first PDF file, Heartland Genealogy 2013 2016, appears to have an issue with the upload. It is accessible by downloading, but not viewable on the site. However, the 2017-2018 file uploaded and is viewable. Thus, I will continue working to upload the PDF files created from my blog.

I’ve also been challenged to share my posts about my Crawford research on WikiTree as part of the Crawford One Name Study. Since linking to my existing posts will only be valid during my lifetime, that technique will not ‘future proof’ sharing the posts on WikiTree. Thus, a need for a way to preserve each post. That’s when I found directions for Using the Wayback Machine to Archive WordPress. Help pages on the Internet Archive also include directions to ‘Save Pages in the Wayback Machine‘.

Thanks to these directions, I’ve started indexing my blog on a free spaces page called Heartland Genealogy.

Below are some other blog posts that encouraged me to work on continuing to ‘future proof’ my genealogy research:

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