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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Calling All Genea-Musings Fans:

It’s Saturday Night again —

Come on, everybody, join in and accept the mission and execute it with precision. 

1) When you are performing genealogy research or writing, what makes you happy?  List ten genealogy moments that make you happy. 

10 – Figuring out how to do something new in my software or on a genealogy site

9 – Having a blog post show up on a weekly ‘best’ blogs list

8 – Participating in Zoom study groups hosted by Topeka Genealogical Society

7 – Locating biography of an ancestor in county histories and family genealogies online

6 – Being able to travel 0.5 miles to my local public library to access locked county records on the FamilySearch site

5 – Finding ‘between the dash’ information in newspaper articles via digitized newspapers

4 – Finding a deed or probate record that links family members together

3 – Willingness of other genealogist to share their knowledge via blogs,

2 – Working with other researchers to piece together branches of my tree

1 – Getting yDNA results to help figure out CRAWFORD brick wall

My ‘HAPPY’ moments would not be possible without

  • FamilySearch’s digitization of the microfilm of county records
  • Local libraries willing to become affiliated with FamilySearch
  • Kansas State Historical Society’s collection of newspapers
  • Digitization of newspapers by the Kansas State Historical Society, local public libraries and other entities
  • Digitization of genealogy related books including county histories
  • Genealogists and genealogy societies willing to share their knowledge
  • Forums and Facebook groups where questions can be asked and answers obtained
  • A fantastic administrator of the CRAWFORD yDNA project
  • Descent access to the Internet AND
  • My husband who allows me to spend hours researching and money for subscriptions and needed technology

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